Notable cases

R v H (Operation Albany) - Bristol Crown Court
Instructed as a junior on a 9 handed, £7.5 million money laundering case. Represented the Defendant first on the indictment who was alleged to have been the ringleader and mastermind behind the conspiracy. The case involved large amount of phone and financial data. After an 8 week trial the Defendant was acquitted. Led by Gulam Ahmed of 2 Kings Bench Walk.

R v T (Operation Kimball) - Norwich Crown Court
Instructed as junior alone in a 6 handed conspiracy to supply class A county lines case. Appeared for the Defendant third on the indictment and alleged to have been the lieutenant in a conspiracy to supply drugs in Great Yarmouth. The case involved large amounts of phone evidence and cell site data lasting 6 weeks.

R v X - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Burglary
The Defendant accepted entering a dwelling via a second-floor window, however stated he did so in order to escape a drug deal which went wrong in a neighbouring house. Following a 3 day trial the jury returned a not guilty verdict in 15 minutes.

R v I - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Possession with intent to supply Class A
The Defendant was stopped by police and found to have over £500 worth of crack cocaine on him. Further searches revealed large amounts of cash and several phone which contained evidence of drug dealing. After a 4 day trial the jury returned a not guilty verdict in under an hour.

R v A - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Robbery
Defendant was charged with a knife point robbery along with two others. Prosecution case relied upon a positive identification by the complainant, items of the robbery found on the Defendant, no comment interview and previous conviction for a knife point robbery. Despite this the Defendant was convicted on a majority 10-2 verdict after 2 days of deliberation.

R v A - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Robbery & Possession of Bladed Article
The Defendant was identified by the victim and various pieces of phone evidence linked the defendant to the scene of the crime, who maintained he was at home. Successfully opposed the Crown's application to adduce previous convictions of robbery and bladed article offences. Despite what was described as "overwhelming evidence", the jury took 4 and half hours to convict.

R v E - Aylesbury Crown Court - Possession with intent to supply Class B & Possession of disguised firearm
Defendant was charged with possession with intent to supply class B and possession of 3 disguised firearms. The firearms offence carried a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment. Despite strong expert evidence for the Crown representations were made before the day of trial and the charge was reduced to one of possession of a prohibited weapon, avoiding the minimum 5 year sentence. At sentencing the Defendant received 52 weeks custody.

R v R - Snaresbrook Crown Court - S18 GBH
Successful defence of S18 GBH trial where the Defendant was accused of stabbing his flatmate with a kitchen knife.

R v C & Others - Maidstone Crown Court - Affray
Acted for C who faced a charge of affray involving several weapons along with 2 other Defendants. The 2 other Defendants were both blaming C as the aggressor and maintained they were victims. Following a 12 day trial C was successfully acquitted and both other Defendants were convicted.

R v I - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Possession of an Offensive Weapon & Criminal Damage
Successful defence against criminal damage and possession of offensive weapon. Following a 3 day trial the jury acquitted the Defendant in 3 minutes.

R v H - Isleworth Crown Court - Possession with intent to supply Class A
Represented a client who pleaded guilty to 2 counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. The starting point was 4 years 6 months imprisonment. Following mitigation and representation the client received a 2 year suspended sentence.

R v M - Maidstone Crown Court - ABH
Domestic ABH charge where the Defendant ran self-defence. Despite the guilty verdict the Presiding Judge His Honour Judge Carey invited me into chambers following the trial and commended me on the way I presented the defence.

R v K - Croydon Crown Court - Possession of an Offensive Weapon & Possession of Bladed Article
Defendant on trial for a total of 10 counts of possession of bladed articles and offensive weapons. Following representations made on the day of trial the offensive weapon charges were all dropped and several counts relating to bladed articles were dropped. The Defendant faced 2 charges instead of 10.

R v G - Inner London Crown Court - Perverting the Course of Justice
Husband and wife both jointly charged. They were a doctor and lawyer. Following strong representations and legal applications to exclude various evidence under s78 the charge was reduced to wasting police time.

R v S - Croydon Magistrates Court - Sexual Assault
Successful defence of a Moroccan national charged with sexual assault on his wife.

R v N - Westminster Magistrates Court - Assault by beating
Successful defence of Tunisian national charges with assaulting his son. Despite the client's wife, son and daughter in law all giving evidence against him, the client was acquitted. The trial involved several complexities as one of the witnesses was severely disabled and not able to easily communicate, therefore a careful and considered approach in questioning was required. Privately instructed.

R v J - Camberwell Green Magistrates Court - Impersonating a Police Officer
Successful defence of two notorious internet pranksters of impersonating police officers.

R v J - Inner London Crown Court - Possession of an Offensive Weapon
Internet pranksters charged with possession of an offensive weapon, following representations the charge was dropped.

R v A - Croydon Magistrates Court - ABH
Successful defence of an man on trial for attacking his wife. The complainant had alleged she was attacked with a ladle causing a substantial cut across her face. Privately instructed.

R v F - Hammersmith Magistrates Court - Possession of Bladed Article
Large knife found in the Defendants bag at Nottinghill Carnival at a stop and search. Successfully excluded comments made at the scene due to PACE breaches. Defence of knowledge advanced and Defendant was found not guilty after trial.

R v A - Stratford Magistrates Court - Driving Without Due Care and Attention
Successful defence of driving without due care and attention. Case was dismissed at half time following a cross-examination of the complainant and a successful no case to answer application. Privately instructed.

R v G - Ealing Magistrates Court - Criminal Damage & Public Order Offence
Defending 2 charges of criminal damage and 1 public order offence. Witnesses for the Crown were 3 police officers. Both criminal damage charges were dismissed at half time following a successful no case to answer application.

R v K - Willesden Magistrates Court - Burglary
Successful defence of burglary. Case was dismissed at half time after a submission of no case to answer. Privately instructed.

R v O - Ealing Magistrates Court - Driving whilst unfit through drugs
Successful defence of a charge of driving whilst unfit through drugs. Hip flask defence advanced. Privately instructed.