General Crime

Alex regularly appears in the Crown Court, Magistrates’ Court and Youth Court defending clients accused of a broad range of offences involving violence, possession of weapons, drugs, dishonesty, fraud, sex, public disorder, driving and breaches of court orders.

Alex has also prosecuted on behalf of Local Authorities and the National Probation Service. In the Magistrates’ Court Alex has a particular expertise in road traffic cases and has represented clients charged with dangerous driving, careless driving, excess alcohol, failing to provide a specimen and speeding. He has also successfully advanced special reasons and exceptional hardship arguments.


Alex is also a trained Panel Secretary at the NMC and has a keen interest in developing a Regulatory practice.


Before being called to the Bar Alex enjoyed a successful 26-year career in the British Army and as such, he maintains a strong interest in Courts Martial cases and criminal cases involving service personnel and is able to use his own experience whilst serving in the army to obtain the best possible results for clients.


Alex has represented the family of a British Soldier, pro bono as instructed by the Royal British legion, who committed suicide after returning from operational service. The family were granted interested party status at an inquest in to the death of two soldiers on operations.

Alex also accepts instructions from the Treasury Solicitors under their ‘Baby Barrister’ Scheme for those under three years call. Alex has been instructed on a number of cases including the Hallett Review and work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Direct Access

Alex is qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public through the Direct Public Access Scheme.

Intelligence, Vetting and Disclosure

Prior to being called to the Bar Alex spent a year as the Intelligence Cell Manager within the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT). The investigation focused on serious allegations of fraud, corruption & bribery and money laundering committed by officials within the Turks and Caicos Islands.