Account Freezing and Forfeiture Order Series Summing Up

Account Forfeiture Order Notices – The Administrative Method

When is a bank account not a bank account under account freezing and forfeiture orders?

Legal expenses and variations for living expenses in account freezing orders (afos)

Account Freezing Orders (afo’s) – how long can they last?

Protecting Third Party interests in both account freezing and forfeiture orders

Reasonable grounds for suspecting under S.303 (2)

Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders (Affos): How has the law developed over the last 18 months?

The New Poca Frontier; Crypto Currencies and Block Chains, shaping asset recovery In The 21St Century

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Section 22 POCA 2002: what you need to know

International Dimensions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) series, part two: Restraint and Confiscation within the EU

Account Freezing And Forfeiture Orders, The Biggest Change To Come Out Of The Criminal Finance Act 2017

Extensions of moratorium periods, the affect on other matters and how the orders can be challenged.

Asset Seizures – an overview of the new poca powers brought in under criminal finance act 2017

The International Dimension of the proceeds of crime act 2002

Tax Evasion Offences – where are we, a year on?

The New POCA Frontier – crypto currencies and block chains, shaping asset recovery in the 21st Century

Using Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders: from a Trading Standards and Local Authority Perspective

Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders, the biggest change to come out of the Criminal Finance Act 2017.

The rise of Section 22 POCA 2002: what you need to know.

The Rise of Drone Regulation

Serious Crime Act 2015 (‘Sca’), As Amending The Proceeds Of Crime Act 2002 (‘Poca’): The Untested Enforcement Provisions.

Third Party Rights: How To Use S.10A Of Poca Effectively When Defending Confiscation Orders

Beneficial Ownership: Forcing Public Transparency On The Overseas Territories Is A Mistake

Two Hot Topics In Confiscation Orders

Extensions Of Moratorium Periods And How It Can Be Challenged

Account Freezing And Forfeiture Orders, The Biggest Change Emanating From The Criminal Finance Act 2017

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Compliance Orders - The Forgotten Enforcement Tool – A Defence View

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Reinforcing The Veil – Defending Cases Where The Corporate Veil Is Threatened

Changes To The Seizure Provisions Under The Criminal Finances Act 2017

The Judgement Of Others – How Should A Disciplinary Panel Deal With The Findings Of Another Professional Disciplinary Tribunal’s Decision: Analysis And Comment On Peckitt V Gdc [2016] Ewhc 1803 (Admin)

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