Courts Martial/Military Law

He has been instructed in military law for over ten years by AFCLAA and defence solicitors at GCM, DCM and Summary Appeal Court. Barnaby prides himself on providing a first-rate service to the client, and is happy to advise by videolink or telecon or in person, whatever is most convenient to the client. Most of his tribunal appearances have been in Germany and he has acted in cases involving a range of civilian and service offences, so he is ideally placed to advise on any legal situation a serviceman or woman might find themselves

Local Authority/Regulatory Law

Barnaby also has recent experience in dealing with matters relating to local authorities. The range of this experience is set out below

  • Prosecution: mortgage fraud (dishonest self certification)
  • Possessing with a view to trading counterfeit goods
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Fraud by employees in positions of trust – care home employees company accountants, company executives, bank clerks
  • Money Laundering through the use of stolen cheques and proxy bank accounts
  • Planning breaches, animal welfare and environmental law

On a day to day basis he appears in the Crown Courts, and has experience of appearing in the Criminal Court of Appeal, the Magistrates Courts and Courts Martial hearings.