Notable cases

R v RL (2018) currently defending in a case involving conspiracies to facilitate the entry into the UK of persons for the purpose of exploitation and to perform forced labour.

R v RM (2017) prosecuting for the repeated rape by a care worker at a Care Home upon a severely disabled 20 year old female resident suffering from dementia, autism and mental retardation resulting in her being entirely unable to communicate. Defendant filmed the abuse. After early guilty pleas sentenced as a dangerous offender to an extended sentence of 26 years’ imprisonment (18 years’ custodial element, 8 years’ extension).

R v SW (2017) prosecuting for an attempted grooming involving on-line vigilante paedophile hunters. Case required a thorough review of issues of entrapment, abuse of process, general inadmissibility of evidence.

R v CT (2017) defending against three separate “date rape” allegations. Dealing with issues of severance, cross-admissibility of complaints, mental health issues.

R v RM (2017) prosecuting individual for repeated sexual abuse of his step-daughter between the ages of 4 and 16 and buggery of his nephew. Offences spanned 20 years. Defendant received a total sentence of 27 years’ imprisonment.

Operation Keep (2016-17) prosecuting 10-handed class A drugs and money laundering conspiracy with contested PoCA proceedings.

R v NM [2016] prosecuting serial rapes of sister by brother in 1965 when parties were aged 6 and 14 respectively.

R v CP [2016] prosecuting father for systematic sexual abuse of his two daughters in 1970s when aged between 3 and 8. Defendant received consecutive maximum possible sentences under law relevant at the time totalling 18 years’ imprisonment upon conviction. Detailed written analysis of the law as to approach to sentence of such historic cases provided to court to assist sentence.

R v MM [2015] led by Karim Khalil QC in prosecution of defendant for murder and attempted murder. Case had increased sensitivity as both the key witnesses and the defendant were from the travelling community.

R v DF [2014] defending step-mother accused of aiding and abetting husband in rape of his own daughter and son when children.

R v GS [2014] led by Karim Khalil QC defending in trial involving murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to prevent burial of a body with multiple defendants. Co-defendant was Joanna Dennehy who received a whole life tariff.

R v TK [2013] prosecuting in trial alleging targeted theft of of high value Chinese vases from Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Operation Oakland [2012] prosecution for CCU (Eastern) over 6 week trial of seven defendants for conspiracy to manage brothels throughout the south of England.

R v DH [2012]

Defending in case of historic serious sexual assaults by 20 year-old male on his 11 year-old brother in 1967.

R v CR [2011]

Defending on counts of rape against both daughters when aged below 14 resulting in pregnancy. Successful submission to stay counts against one daughter on grounds of delay and police going back on promise.

R v TR [2011]

Prosecution for the Complex Casework Unit (Eastern) for the most serious sexual offences committed against child family members of both sexes as young as four in a case which involved two out of three victims requiring intermediaries.

R v Khalfi [2010]

Prosecution for attempted murder in prison.

R v GS [2009] defending in manslaughter trial involving a death in prison with multiple defendants. Principals convicted, GS acquitted.

R v JW [2008] led by Karim Khalil QC defending in trial of murder with multiple defendants. Extensive scientific forensic evidence was relied upon by the Crown to include blood pattern, paint analysis, mechanical matching (victim was decapitated with an axe after death), pollen and soil sampling.

DPP v. Dunn [2001] Cr.App.R. 22

Successfully representing the Crown on a case stated from the Crown Court on the question of duplicity and potential classes of victims in cases of harrassment.

R-v-Wyner & Brock (Drugs – “the Cambridge Two”)