Notable Cases

R. v. Thurgarland – sole counsel against a QC prosecuting, murder & fitness to plead. Hospital order with restriction.

Operation Collingsworth – trial, two-handed allegation of murder, as junior counsel.

S. v. The Queen [2013] UKPC 7 – human rights appeal before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council re Guernsey Law. Sole counsel, permission to appeal granted by Lady Hale 30 years out of time. Subsequent application to ECtHR.

Operation Crosscut – conspiracy to steal ATMs.

Court Martial – defending Guardsman re JPA fraud. Sentence by the Board recommended NCO Cadre due to mitigating circumstances & commendations.

Operation Latious – conspiracy to supply Class A. Only defendant who held out for a trial, against Leading Counsel. Prosecution discontinued on the day of trial.

Operation Hauberk – defence in three-handed murder, as junior counsel. Only defendant to be acquitted.

R. v. Frost – junior counsel, led by Tim Spencer QC, complex internet pornography trial. Only defendant to be acquitted. Presented legal arguments before Calvert Smith J.

R. v. Kinsella [2011] EWCA Crim 1275 – successful appeal out of time to the Court of Appeal in a proceeds of crime confiscation case arising from a gang robbery.

R. v. Winter – prosecution for DEFRA re commercial importation of unauthorised veterinary medicines in pigeon racing community & associated POCA proceedings.

R. v. Lasas – junior counsel, led by Tim Spencer QC, for the defence in this multi-handed murder (client acquitted of murder).

R. v. Mitchell [2012] 1 Cr App R (S) 68 (Banks 315.5) – successful appeal against a three-year sentence for theft of railway signalling cable.

R. v. Tyler – successful appeal against a 15-month sentence for handling stolen X5

R. v. Dean – defence of a drunk driver who drove the wrong way up the A1.

Farrington (Trustee in Bankruptcy) v. Clifton – Specialist Chancery list application by Trustee in Bankruptcy for order of sale. Difficult issues of constructive trusts after sale of property in previous bankruptcy proceedings.

R. v. Halliday – for Revenue & Customs. Prosecution of £1M proceeds of crime case.

R. v. Da Silva – death by dangerous driving.

R. v. Williamson – fatal careless driving case. Defence trial against Chief Crown Prosecutor. Refusal by Justices to state a case overturned on judicial review.

R. v. French [2008] 2 Cr. App. R. (S.) 13 – First case on sentencing in unlawful veterinary medication cases (Banks 9th Ed, now 284.2)