Notable cases

GMC v XX : Represented Doctor in fitness to practice hearing

R v X : Successful prosecution of a complex male rape trial

Defended senior Naval Officer of expenses fraud, required in depth understanding and analysis of the online payment scheme, including tracking payments through the system. In addition had to reconcile payments shown on his bank and credit card accounts to expense claims shown on the MOD system.

Successfully prosecuted manager of care home who was syphoning off money from patients accounts, again had to conduct extensive ‘tracing’ exercises showing money moving from patient accounts to defendants account either via care home account of unauthorised withdrawals.

Defended senior Army NCO over allegations of fraudulent expense claims again I acquired in depth understanding of the online “Joint Personnel Allowance” (JPA) scheme, and I had to study closely the Army regulations in that applied to these payments, the application of this knowledge coupled with taking detailed instructions from the client lead to his acquittal.

Prosecuted a fraud involving illegal selling of commodities owned by the NAAFI to the defendants who were food suppliers to H.M.Prisons, had to conduct an in depth study of the stock records which proved the precise movements of the goods from one section of the storage facilities to another, and then compared those with the accounting records which in turn demonstrated that no payment had been made, once this had been done and served on the defence guilty pleas were offered.