Notable Cases

Criminal Defence

R v CW (2019) - Aggravated Burglary, Robbery, s.20 GBH and Possession of a Disguised Firearm.

R v LP et al (2019) - Violent Disorder involving an off-duty Police Officer.

R v PW (2019) - Importation of Firearms and associated Customs offences.

R v ML and another (2019) - Led Junior in child cruelty case involving allegations made by 7 children. Required careful consideration of complex family court records and third part material.

R v AL (2019) - Robbery and Blackmail.

R v PP and another (2018) - Represented the Defendant in a production of cannabis case. Involved dealing with a referral through the NRM.

R v RH (2018) - Led Junior in case involving allegations of assault by penetration of a 4 year old by a 17 year old. The Crown offered no evidence following preparation of robust application to exclude the ABE evidence in the case.

R v MD (2017) - Represented the Defendant in a case which led to POCA proceedings centred around BitCoin the Defendant was alleged to have.

TSL v R (2017) - Represented the Appellant in a successful appeal from the Youth Court against a conviction for GBH on a Police Officer.

R v LS and another (2017) - Kidnap charge dismissed following successful half-time submission

Regulatory Prosecutions

LBS v DB and SS (2019) - Successful prosecution of two parties involved in the laundering of the proceeds of alleged fraudulent building work.

LBS v SA (2019)
- Ongoing complicated POCA proceedings involving assets in excess of £1 million.

Trading Standards (LBL) v SA Ltd and IT - Trading Standards Prosecution of an Architect charged under the Unfair Consumer Trading Regulations for wrongful use of relevant accreditations from the regulatory body for architects.

Prosecuted countless cases arising out of Housing and Planning Enforcement and associated Proceeds of Crime Proceedings.

Thames Valley Police v Ors (2016) – Represented an interested party in successfully opposing the application of the Police for a Closure Order under s.136D Sexual Offence Act 2003 concerning a brothel.

Investigatory work

George has acted as counsel for investigation teams. Since 2017 he has been engaged by the Financial Conduct Authority in the Enforcement and Market Oversight Division. George is one of the team of document review counsel assisting The Grenfell Inquiry.