Notable cases


R v K (Court of Appeal, 2018) – Achieved substantial reduction in sentence for a client with serious mental health difficulties, who had pleaded guilty to an offence of ABH committed while he was on life license. Sentence reduced from 21 months to 12 months.


R v Y (Cambridge Crown Court, 2020) – ongoing defence in a case alleging 16 counts of burglary and attempted burglary, with evidence from multiple expert disciplines.

R v W (Southwark Crown Court, 2019 – 2020) – ongoing defence of a client arising out of a stolen vehicle being crashed on the Euston Road. Hung jury after the first trial, with a retrial expected.

R v K (Guildford Crown Court, 2019) – Represented the first defendant in a multi-handed trial for conspiracy to commit fraud, arising out of a “romance” fraud in which the two identified victims had lost more than £270,000 over the course of several months. Trial listed for three weeks, but secured acquittal on a submission of no case to answer at the close of the prosecution case.

R v M (Cambridge Crown Court, 2019) – Contested a final hearing in confiscation proceedings under POCA. After evidence from the defendant and his partner, the judge accepted the defence case on all assets, and made a nominal order.

R v K (Lincoln Crown Court, 2019) – Secured acquittal after trial of a client charged with ABH in a 5-handed case.

R v P (Northampton Crown Court, 2018) – Defended a client charged with robbery. Case involved the cross-examination of a vulnerable complainant who was assisted by an intermediary.

R v I (Blackfriars Crown Court, 2018) – Secured acquittal for a client charged with breaching a restraining order by contacting and visiting his ex-partner, despite evidence of several previous breaches being adduced before the jury. Successfully argued to exclude phone evidence showing contact by text message.


R v P (Cambridge and Huntingdon Magistrates’ Courts, 2019) – Represented a defendant (who had been found to be unfit to plead) in a series of separate trials of the facts. Despite determinations that he had done the acts alleged, client received an absolute discharge on all matters which had been the subject of such hearings.

R v T (Willesden Magistrates’ Court, 2019) – Secured acquittals for a client charged with 6 offences of stalking, breach of restraining order, and assault. 4 days of evidence, on dates spread over the course of 6 months, required careful management. Successfully applied to the County Court for permission to use material from separate family proceedings in the client’s defence. Client acquitted on all counts, despite CCTV which appeared to show him driving his car into the complainant of the alleged assault.

R v S (St Albans Youth Court, 2018) – Represented a client charged with arson at a petrol station, who was assisted at court by an intermediary.

R v I (Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, 2018) – Achieved acquittal for a client charged with being drunk in charge of a minor, despite extensive video evidence of client’s demeanour.

R v D (Northampton Magistrates Court, 2017) – Persuaded court not to impose the mandatory minimum sentence for a second offence of possession of a bladed article. The client, who had been suspected of drug dealing, explained that he had forgotten he had the knife after a fishing trip the previous night.

R v B and others (Reading Youth Court, 2017) – Multi-handed youth robbery trial. Involved cross-examination of four complainants each aged 13. Client acquitted.


R v A (Norwich Crown Court, 2019) – avoided immediate custody for a defendant who had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, and drink driving.

R v M (Reading Crown Court, 2018) – Successful appeal against sentence for a professional bus driver who attended for work more than 3 times over the drink-drive limit, and drove into equipment and colleagues. Immediate custodial sentence imposed in the lower court reduced in length and suspended.

R v C (Peterborough Magistrates' Court, 2018) – secured acquittal after trial for a director of a business, charged with aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring an offence of dangerous driving committed by an employee.

R v F (Peterborough Magistrates' Court, 2018) – represented an airline pilot at trial for a careless driving offence, concerning a high-speed collision on the A1.


Re: T (Northampton Coroner’s Court, 2020) – Represented an interested party at an inquest arising out of a fatal light aircraft crash. The aircraft, a restored 1950s military reconnaissance plane, had recently been approved as airworthy by an inspector overseen by the interested party.


Re: S (Brixton Prison, 2017) – Represented a prisoner on life sentence before the parole board, securing his release on license.