Graham Blower


Graham has built a predominantly Defence practise undertaking all aspects of the criminal calendar. However, in the recent past, he has also had considerable experience as a Prosecutor, again covering all manner of criminal matters. He has been Leading Junior in a number of cases dealing with murder, large scale commercial fraud, robbery, sexual offences and drug offences. Graham has proven experience over the years in a number of large scale cases, both as Leader or Junior, where the organisation and preparation of a considerable volume of material, including cell site, scientific, and other evidence, has been required.

Associations and Memberships

  • Member of Gray’s Inn

Notable Cases

R -v- Hussain - Central Criminal Court. 2 week trial on behald of defendant charged with terrorism offences. Acquittal on all charges. See press links below:

1. BBC

2. BBC

R-v-Koudoua - Oxford Crown Court. 6 month, 10 defendant murder trial – represented the only defendant to be acquitted.

R-v-Brightman - Aylesbury Crown Court. Death by careless driving whist over the limit.

R-v-Field - Northampton Crown Court. Murder by 320+ stab wounds and then dismemberment and body disposal.

R-v-Hamid - Oxford Crown Court. 4 month long Asian sex gang - grooming case.

R-v-Coutts & Ors - Central Criminal Court, 8 month trial still holding the record as the ‘biggest cash robbery in UK, at £53million. Leading Junior.

R-v-Wilson - Leicester Crown Court. Historic sex abuse on grandchildren and one other.

R-v-L - Nottingham Crown Court. Sexual assaults by Care Worker on children under his care.

R-v-Mason & Ors - Warwick Crown Court. Money laundering conspiracy.

R-v-Ohanbamu - Manchester Crown court. Fraud/money laundering conspiracy.

R-v-Adyeri - Leeds Crown court. Rape by stepfather on daughter aged 5 through to 7years.

R-v-Dankwah-Appiah - Harrow Crown Court. Death by dangerous driving.

R-v-Henry Seaborne - Central Criminal Court. Murder, gang related, Leading Junior.

R-v-Ndoh - Central Criminal Court. Murder, gang related, Leading Junior.

R-v-Gomes - Cardiff Crown Court. Conspiracy re: Class A drugs