Notable cases

R v Edwards [2011] EWCA Crim 1361

R v Z [2009] 1 Cr.AppR 34

Limits on use of s.114(1)(d), in case of hearsay bad character evidence.

R v Xhelollari [2007] 151 S.J.L.B 1265

Whether appropriate to sentence to IPP in single adult rape conviction.

R v G [2004] 1 A.C 1034

House of Lords, unanimous overruling of Caldwell and a fresh approach to recklessness.

Rv Linge (2011)

Defendant under 25, with 5 separate complainants. Rape and other sexual offence allegations.

R v Snowden (2011)

GBH with baseball bat. Issue of identification, when victim names defendant to police both before and after the attack.

R v F (2012)

Defendant accused of historic rapes by wife, and appears to confess to such on three separate occasions to three separate witnesses.

R v W-L (2012)

Defendant of 16, severe learning difficulties accused of sexual offences against other children in the same school.

R v K (2012)

Defendant accused of rape and abuse by both daughters, as is co-defendant neighbour with similar previous convictions.

R v Aktar (2012)

Defendant accused of conspiracy to kidnap and torture, much of the case based on mobile phone cell site evidence.

R v Harris (2011)

Historic sexual allegations against a school teacher.

Rv Gajraj (2011)

Woman stabbed partner in chest in self-defence.

R v Brassett (2011)

Defendant school teacher accused of historic sexual assault by pupil.

R v F & Ors (2011)

Prosecution on behalf of CPS Kent on a multi-defendant, multi victim case where male family members sexually abused younger boys.

R v McIver & Ors (2010)

Rape allegation against defendant with serious learning difficulties who required an intermediary.

R v Newley (2010)

Indecent images case with defendant seeking gender reassignment.

R v Chen & Ors (2009)

Prosecution for CPS Central London. Multi-handed blackmail and kidnap case.

R v Braham (2009)

Led by Patricia Lynch QC. Manslaughter where woman fatally shot at a person.