Notable cases



Appointed in 2013 (and again in 2018) to the Attorney General’s List for the Serious Fraud Office (B-Panel), Jack has undertaken numerous Legal Professional Privilege and disclosure exercises in high profile SFO investigations into:

  • Ongoing high-level LPP exercise
  • JJB sports (alleged fraud and money laundering);
  • Swift Group (alleged corruption);
  • Securency (alleged corruption); and
  • Tresaderns (alleged multi-million pound boiler room fraud).

Between 2009-2013, Jack was appointed to the SFO C Panel.

Operation Hornet [2013] - Instructed by the South Eastern Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) as independent LPP counsel to attend the execution of multiple search warrants at a number of private properties for the purpose of assessing and preserving assets for eventual confiscation proceedings. The defendants were tried and convicted in a very high-profile corruption and money laundering prosecution relating to HBOS. See, for example, press reporting here.


Jack has considerable experience in fraud cases. He has been listed as a leading junior in fraud in the Legal 500 directory in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020. Click here to view Jack's Legal 500 entry.

He is regularly instructed by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS in high-profile and challenging cases. He has been appointed as a grade 3 prosecutor on the CPS Fraud Panel since 2013.

This year alone, he has successfully prosecuted as a junior alone a single-defendant, two-month-long trial at St. Albans Crown Court of a carer who defrauded elderly victims in her care (R v McClune). See BBC report here

This was followed by the successful prosecution of a conspiracy to commit fraud by undertaking unnecessary building work at the homes of vulnerable, elderly victims (R v Eastwood and Others). See media report here

Last year, Jack was both led, and then acted as leading counsel for the Crown in a 13-defendant conspiracy to defraud over two lengthy trials at Southwark Crown Court, which led to multiple convictions and significant custodial sentences being handed down. This case is currently subject to reporting restrictions.

This was followed by a five-week trial where, Jack (led by Richard Heller) on behalf of Trading Standards, successfully prosecuted three individuals for their part in a highly-publicised case of fraudulent trading by the London estate agents, Crestons. Jack undertook the appellate proceedings alone (R v Ali and Others).

See Evening Standard report here

Past cases include:


R v Mawji [2017-19] – Defended in a well-publicised fraud case. Click here for media report.

Environment Agency v Moss and Others [2017] – Led junior for the second defendant in the prosecution of fraud and environmental offences described by the Environment Agency as the first of its kind. The case involves the operation of reportedly the UK’s largest glass recycling facility in South Yorkshire, and the alleged abuse of the producer responsibility scheme for major packaging waste producers. An acquittal was secured. The defendants pleaded guilty to minor regulatory environmental offences. 

Operation Borah – R v Peter Childs [2014] – Led junior in lengthy trial for lead defendant in high-profile fraud of Lincoln District Mencap. Click here for BBC report.

Operation Foxhole – R v Razzaq [2011] - Led junior for the first defendant in large-scale long-firm fraud. Numerous conspirators defrauded creditors of huge sums having falsified company accounts. Click here for media report.

R v Madzima - Appeared for lead defendant in multi-handed conspiracy to defraud banks and Harrods.


R v Adair [2018] – Successfully prosecuted income tax fraud. 

R v Akbari [2018] – Three handed ‘courier’ fraud.

R v Sharma and Werner [2017] – Secured money laundering conviction. Junior alone against a leading QC. 

R v Stanbridge and Lewis [2017] – Bedfordshire Fire Service procurement fraud.

Operation Jerez – R v Bradshaw and Bradshaw [2015] – Junior alone instructed by the Specialist Fraud Division in this high value VAT fraud relating to chauffeuring services in the film industry. Click here to view media report.

R v Al-Ghabra [2014] – As a junior alone for SFD of CPS, successfully prosecuted this multi-jurisdiction benefit fraud at Southwark Crown Court.


Jack is SFO POCA Panel B advocate and has been appointed as grade 3 prosecutor on the CPS Proceeds of Crime Panel since 2013. He has been listed as a leading junior in asset forfeiture in the Legal 500. He also regularly defends in large-scale case involving POCA proceedings. He has just recently completed confiscation proceedings in a thirteen-handed fraud case he prosecuted at Southwark Crown Court.


Operation Inertia – Ravjani & Others [2013 up till the present]

Junior counsel alone for the Crown, previously led by J. Kinnear QC in confiscation proceedings. Mr. Ravjani has been represented by a number of Queen’s Counsel including Gary Bell QC, Orlando Pownall QC and Michael Wolkind QC.

One of the largest ever orders pursued by CPS’s Proceeds of Crime Unit. The criminal case involved four separate sets of defendants. The lead conspirator, Ravjani, was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for a £176 million MTIC fraud involving the purported sale of 4 million mobile phones. The case involved funds being traced across many jurisdictions through complex trust and banking structures.

The original POCA ‘benefit’ figure was just under £2 billion, with a loss to the Revenue of over £100 million. Confiscation orders were made totalling over £35 million against four defendants.

Jack appeared alone in ‘trial 3’ proceedings against a leading silk and junior and alone in proceedings against ‘trial 4’ defendants against three QCs and four juniors in November 2014.

Jack dealt with enforcement proceedings for all Operation Inertia defendants and secured the appointment of an Enforcement Receiver in Ravjani’s case. Click here for media report.

R v Abbas, Shah and Otukoya [2019] – Ongoing three-handed proceedings. Complex Royal Mail fraud.

R v Canning and Others [2017/8] – 3rd party interest pursuant to s.10A POCA

R v B [2017] – Successfully applied for ex parte Restraint Order.

R v R & R [2017] – Successfully on notice application for two Restraint Orders. Against a QC.

R v Ingram [2015] – Revisiting realisable amount in High Court proceedings.

R v Gilbert [2015] – Appeared for Crown in s. 22 POCA application.

R v Vyse [2014] - Enforcement proceedings and s.23 POCA applications

Operation Quarterdeck [2010-2012] – Junior led by Martin Evans QC in long-running restraint and contempt proceedings in a tax evasion case at Bristol Crown Court. Instructed by RCPO. Click here for media report.

Operation Cruse [2008] - Disclosure counsel in the £7.28 million VAT fraud - RCPO pursued one of the biggest confiscation orders ever sought in this jurisdiction. See R v Mehta (Durgesh) [2009] EWCA Crim 1601.

Operation Devout [2006/7] – Amongst other cases at RCPO, Jack was responsible for restraint proceedings as lawyer with conduct of the case of Ahmed and Ahmad. This case went on to become a key case in the development of confiscation law in 2014 in the case of Ahmad and Fields. Click here to view Supreme Court Judgment.


Jack has undertaken countless POCA proceedings on behalf of defendants and has considerable expertise in this field. He has given lectures about confiscation proceedings to a number of local authorities.

For example, in 2019 he represented a female defendant in three-handed confiscation proceedings that were due to last for six days at the Old Bailey. See the case of R v Koort, Rosen and Russell [2019] which has attracted considerable media attention. Click here for media report

R v May & Others [2008] UKHL 28. – Key researcher for Mr. May’s defence team in this seminal case in confiscation law. Click here for law report.


(For cases involving serious sexual offences, please see the separate section below)

Jack is regularly instructed to both defend and prosecute in multi-handed cases and has acted in jury trials concerning serious violent offences and those involving firearms, and the supply of drugs.

Serious Organised Crime/Drugs/Firearms


R v Gates [2019] – Secured acquittal of defendant in four-week trial of six-handed conspiracy to commit armed robbery at betting shops across London.

R v Kaynakkan [2018] – Defended lead defendant in multi-handed machete-attack case. Click here to view media report.

R v Kaynakkan ‘2’ [2018] – defended young man caught with loaded revolver. Operation Trident case.

R v Denne [2018] – Six-handed Conspiracy to burgle numerous school premises. Click here for media report.

R v N – [2017/2018] – Represented same young man in two separate serious stabbing cases.

R v Isaie [2017/18] – defended man who set fire to someone’s front door.

R v Baker [2016] – Defended in a well-publicised case involving serious violence between Arsenal and West Ham fans. Defendant spared immediate custody. Click here for media report.

R v D [2015] – Junior to Quinn Hawkins in large-scale brothel-keeping case. Acquittal secured. Click here to view media report.

R v Jackson [2015] – Secured acquittal at trial in respect of man accused of gun-point robbery.

R v Smith [2015] – Trial counsel in firearms and stalking case.

R v Tricklebank [2015] – Aggravated arson case. S. 41 Restriction Order made.

R v S [2015] - Defended at trial young man on domestic burglary spree in Lincolnshire.

R v Tobin [2015] – Burglary of Faberge items from Christies in Mayfair. Click here to view media report.

Operation Sparky - R v Gahagan [2014-2016] -  High-profile two-year case involving firearms, drugs and money laundering offences in Sussex. Having pleaded guilty, the defendant was sentenced to 10 years 5 months imprisonment. Successfully reduced on appeal.

R v G [2014] – Very serious group ‘County Lines’ kidnap and conspiracy to rob case in Norwich.

Operation Oriole - R v Afzal [2012-14] - Led junior for the first defendant in sixteen-handed nine-week trial at Preston CC in relation to a conspiracy to supply kilos of cocaine in the Blackpool area. A nominal confiscation order was made in 2014. Click here for media report.

R v Ross [2013] – Secured acquittal as junior alone in ‘home invasion robbery’ where judge indicated a sentence of 16 years would have been appropriate upon conviction.

Operation Burleigh - R v Mahmood [2012] - As a led junior, secured acquittal of the first defendant at half-time in Manchester CC in a seven-handed conspiracy to produce and sell over a million pounds’ worth of counterfeit clothing in the North West.

R v Allen [2011 & 2012] - Defended teenage boy during two jury trials for possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. Trident case. 

R v T [2012] - Represented 15 year old involved in a three-handed series of machete-point robberies and stabbing.

R v Sellitto [2011] - Represented lead defendant in multi-handed case where police officer robbed at gun-point. Click here for media report.

R v Barker [2011] - Widely publicised case defending man who stabbed victim in the chest in Hove. IPP imposed. Click here for media report.

R v Carroll [2011] - Represented defendant involved in the Bristol ‘anti-Tesco’ riots in 2011.

R v P [2011] - Secured acquittal of teenage girl charged with causing GBH with intent.

R v L [2011] - Secured acquittal of 14 year old boy involved in car crash in which a young passenger was killed.

R v Relf [2007] - Defended man in possession of a firearm with intent case. Click here for media report.

R v F - Trial counsel for 14 year old girl involved in group stabbing of a teenager.

R v V - Secured acquittal at the Old Bailey of young man accused of gang attack resulting in GBH.

R v A - Represented young man accused of witness intimidation linked to a murder case.

R v H - Appeared for first defendant acquitted of GBH with intent in multi-handed trial.


R v Bywater [2018/19] – Ongoing case of huge tobacco importation. Junior alone.

R v Worsfold [2018] – Serious stabbing case in the Brighton area.

R v Bassi [2015] – Successfully prosecuted false imprisonment and firearms case.

R v Johnson [2013] – Over two trials at the Old Bailey acting as a junior alone successfully prosecuted man charged with possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

R v Addy [2012] and R v A [2012] – Prosecuted two separate cases involving possession of firearms.

R v Pascal-Foster [2012] - Successful prosecution of man convicted of GBH with intent by ‘penalty-style’ kick to taxi-driver’s head.

Operation Withern – R v Nsarhaza [2012] - Secured conviction for the Crown prosecuting a defendant involved in the London 2011 riots.

R v Iron [2012] - Prosecuted the highly publicised case of a pub chef convicted of poisoning food and children with MDMA. Click here for media report.

R v Saunders [2011] - Successfully prosecuted defendant at trial in a very serious group stabbing of 16 year old boy in South London. 9 years imprisonment imposed.


Jack is a ‘Rape List’ advocate and frequently prosecutes and defends in cases involving very serious sexual offences. He has completed his CPS RASSO training and has particular expertise in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

He is currently instructed to prosecute a number of historic Rape cases.

In the last twelve months he has been instructed to defend in a multi- complainant assault by penetration case and has prosecuted the following two cases in Lewes and Aylesbury Crown Courts which have attracted media attention as both defendants were in their mid-eighties and allegations date back to the 1960s:

R v Jones (Eric) [2018] – Secured conviction of defendant after trial of the rape of girl under 10 in the 1970s. 10 years imprisonment imposed. Click here to view media report.

R v King (Janson) [2019] – Secured conviction of defendant after trial of multiple historic sexual offences involving four complainants between the early 1960s and 1980s. Over 12 years imprisonment imposed. Click here to view media report.

Other cases include:

R v Butterworth [2018] – Prosecuted a man who received 14 years imprisonment for pleading guilty to perpetrating ten years of sexual abuse including buggery. Click here for media report.

R v Davies [2018] – Defending in a serious ‘stranger’ sex attack.

R v Gomes [2017] – Man who seriously sexually assaulted girl in public toilet.

R v H [2017] – Defending a recidivist paedophile using false identities.

R v D [2016] – Defending a man accused of the rape of a young child.

R v Waddup [2015] – Trial counsel for defendant in multi-handed, historic familial sexual abuse case. The lead defendant received 18 years imprisonment. Under the 2003, the defendant would have been charged with oral rape of a child.

R v Swinton [2015] – Defended councillor who faced allegations of historic sexual abuse over many years. 6 of the 8 counts dismissed at half-time.  

R v M [2015] – Defended in serious single-handed grooming case involving multiple victims, some of whom were under 13. The defendant was charged with a slew of sexual offences including inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting with a child having previously groomed her.

R v G [2015] – Secured acquittal of defendant charged with assault by penetration of complainant with Cerebral Palsy.

R v S [2015] – Secured acquittal of defendant tried for the sexual assault of a child.

R v N [2015] – Defended at trial a man in very serious case of a sexual attack on a lone female at night. He was suffering a psychotic episode at the time.

R v Orton [2014] - Serious indecent images case. Click here to view media report.

R v E [2013] – Secured acquittal defending young man indicted with sexual assault.


Jack is regularly instructed by the London Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Newham and Redbridge to prosecute a broad range of cases including benefit frauds, trademark offences and those contrary to the Town and Country Planning Act, Housing Act, Licensing Act and Education Act and a full range of regulatory offences. He is also instructed by a number of local authorities outside of the London area.

He regularly gives lectures to numerous local authorities about topics as wide-ranging as RIPA to confiscation proceedings. For example, he has given talks to the Local Authority Training Consortium of Welsh lawyers in Cardiff, given a lecture to the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark as well as the LGG Prosecution Group in London in respect housing and confiscation cases.

Current and past cases include:

LB Hillingdon v Kaur [2019] – Criminal and confiscation proceedings in large planning enforcement notice breach case.

LB Hillingdon v Chixy’s [2019] – Secured guilty plea to multiple food safety offences.

LB Islington v Mashuk and Others [2018] – Successfully prosecuted this six-week Fraudulent Trading case. Led by Richard Heller. Click here for media report.

LB Hillindon v Saleban [2018] – Secured conviction by the jury in this ‘Right to Buy’ Fraud.

LB Newham v Quadri [2017/18] – Complex Crown Court benefit fraud case.

LB Southwark v Asghar [2017] – Crown Court food safety breaches case.

LB Southwark v Ali-Balogun and Others [2017] – Multi-handed confiscation proceedings.

LB Southwark v Guled [2017] – Secured conviction prosecuting LB Southwark’s first ever Social Housing Fraud Act case at Woolwich Crown Court.

LB Southwark – Zara Hair [2017] – Novel prosecution under the 2013 Cosmetics regulations.

LB Newham v Amin and Others [2017] – Prosecution of highly complex planning enforcement breach case.

Dacorum BC v Bunker [2013] - Successful prosecution of a slum landlady of an HMO under the Housing Act 2004 including confiscation proceedings at St. Albans Crown Court.

LB Ealing [2012] – PII exercise conducted on behalf of the local authority in a rape case.

LB Islington v Cochrane [2010] - Trial counsel in successful Crown Court prosecution of numerous trademarks offences relating to fake clothing and goods.

LB Hillingdon [2010] – Lengthy LPP exercise as LPP counsel.

R v Naris [2008] EWCA Crim 1307 - Successful appeal against sentence reduced by a third in relation to regulatory offences involving Food Safety legislation, Trademarks and Prohibition Orders.

Focus (DIY) Ltd v LB Hillingdon [2008] EWHC 1152. Led junior for the LB Hillingdon in a High Court false trade descriptions case.


R v Ali and Others [2019] – Acted for respondent in high-profile three-handed fraudulent trading case.

R v Azhar [2019] – Appeal against sentence – Fraud

R v Le [2017] – Appeal against sentence before the Full Court.

R v Gahagan [2016] – Successful appeal against a sentence of 10 years 5 months reduced to 8 years 11 months imprisonment. Firearms and drugs.

R v Futcher [2015] EWCA Crim 243 – Successful appeal against sentence – Thefts.

R v Afzal [2014] EWCA Crim 2591 – Appeal against conviction and sentence. Conspiracy to supply drugs

R v Mohammed Tariq Razzaq [2012] EWCA Crim 1780 - Long firm fraud sentence appeal.

R v Allen [2012] - Appeal against sentence in a serious firearms with intent to endanger life case.

R v Ellis [2012] - Renewed appeal against sentence in a drugs supply case.

R v Lloyd Green - [2011] EWCA Crim 278 - Successful appeal against sentence in a ‘third-strike’ burglary case.

R v Hodge [2009] EWCA Crim 815 - Successful appeal against arson sentence which was halved.

R v Naris [2008] EWCA Crim 1307 - Successful appeal against sentence reduced by a third in relation to regulatory offences involving Food Safety legislation, Trademarks and Prohibition Orders.

Focus (DIY) Ltd v LB Hillingdon [2008] EWHC 1152. Led junior for the LB Hillingdon in a High Court false trade descriptions case. Click here for case report.

R v Thuy Thi Pham [2007] EWCA Crim 1451 - Successful appeal against sentence in cultivation of cannabis case.

R (on the application of the CPS) v Bow Street Magistrates’ Court & Samuel James and Others) (2006) All ER 1342 - Test case concerning the Identity Cards Act 2006. Cases nationwide awaited the outcome of this decision in the High Court. Led by Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC.