Computers & IT Law

Jonathan is recognised as one of the foremost practitioners in this area. He is instructed in both civil and criminal/regulatory matters.

Notable cases:

R v Bellchambers & Ors - Prosecuting the largest ever eBay counterfeiting case (Op. Augusta - Fake golf club scam). Involved many months of analysis and interpretation of internet/email activity and computer forensic data.

R v Gibbons - Attempted Murder. First ever UK "web rage" case. Involved very extensive computer analysis.

R v O'Donnell & Fazeli - Prosecuting high-value eBay fraud. Reconstruction of internet activity led to guilty pleas after previous, very experienced counsel had advised discontinuance.

R v Weatherhead – Appeared for the defendant, who was part of the “Anonymous” hacker group.

Fraud & Money Laundering

R v Crocker – Money Laundering. Led by Sam Stein QC, Jonathan’s demonstration of flaws in the Crown’s use of forensic accounting software led to the case being dismissed at half-time. The decision was upheld in the Court of Appeal.

R v Weller - Conspiracy to defraud Legal Aid Board. Allegation of systematic fraud by a criminal solicitor. Indictment stayed following successful abuse argument.

R v Shehu & Others – Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs & money laundering by the Albanian Mafia.

Serious Crime

R v Robinson- Multiple counts of Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery and s.18 GBH. Torture and extortion of drug dealers by prolific and violent offender.

R v Hussain - Large-scale Conspiracy to Supply cocaine and heroin.

R v G -Leading CA authority on autrefois convict.

R v Baybasin & Others - Conspiracy to Blackmail. The "Turkish Mafia" extortion racket.

R v Silcock - Murder. Death caused by group kicking. Conviction successfully appealed on point of law.

R v Howlett - Cocaine. Britain's largest importation to date.

R v Kasozi & Others – Multiple Cash in Transit Armed Robberies.