Serious crime

Kaja is frequently instructed in large scale drug conspiracies, firearms cases and violent crimes including murder. She also acts for defendants in mortgage and credit card frauds as well as for the prosecution.

R v P currently instructed as junior in case of causing or allowing the death of a child. Complex medical issues involved

R v Smith prosecution of insurance fraud

R v Hope & others defending in multi-handed firearms and drug production conspiracy. Case against defendant collapsed mid trial as a result of disclosure issues uncovered by defence. R v Rynsaard & others Leading junior at 3 month trial for conspiracy to import 400 kg of cannabis and associated confiscation proceedings (VHCC)

R v Miah Representing Defendant charged with causing the death of his best friend by dangerous driving: expert witnesses and accident reconstruction.

R v Fiddes & others Junior counsel at trial at the Central Criminal Court involving murder of co-defendant’s wife and concealment of body. Significant cell site analysis involved

Sexual Offences

Kaja has considerable experience representing those accused of serious sexual offences. She is frequently instructed to represent children accused of rape as well as adults charged with historic sexual abuse. She is also frequently instructed for the prosecution.

R v Gow represented man accused of historic buggery offences as well as recent sexual offences. Abuse of process, character and cross-admissibility arguments. Successful appeal against conviction in the Court of Appeal based on the admission of bad character evidence and legal directions on character.

R v Roberts successful defence of defendant accused of attempted rape. The case involved a challenge to the admissibility of a complex mixed DNA profile.

R v Daley successful defence of 50 year old man accused of raping 13 year old girl.

R v Clulow Historic sexual abuse charges against retired former public school teacher. Publicity in relation to the first indictment (guilty pleas) lead to further complainants coming forward and further charges.

R v X 13 year old accused with two others of raping girl of same age. Bad character issues in relation to other complaints.

R v W 14 year old boy accused of raping 12 year old girl. Successful Newton Hearing on issue of whether intercourse was consensual. Article 8 issues concerning appropriateness of a section 5 charge of rape of child under age of 13 rather than section 13 Sexual Offences Act 2003 where the intercourse was not proved to be non-consensual.

R v L Vaginal and anal rape allegations by defendant’s 3 young daughters (junior counsel). The defendant had serious mental health issues. Abuse of process arguments concerning mother’s refusal to allow the girls to be medically examined.

R v Mitchell successful retrial of allegation of rape made by former work colleague.

R v P successfully prosecuted man accused of serious sexual offences against his step children including rape.

R v P prosecution of youth accused of sexual activity with a person with a mental disability impeding choice. This was a very sensitive case involving complex legal argument concerning the issue of capacity.

Professional Discipline and regulation

Kaja accepts instructions from prosecuting authorities in regulatory matters as well as from the defence. General Teaching Council for England v Miller Case before the professional Conduct committee which involved allegations of unacceptable professional conduct by deputy head teacher.

Ministry of Defence Police & Guarding Agency v X Acted on behalf of Chief Inspector at 7 day misconduct hearing.

S v MDP currently instructed in the appeal of a Ministry of Defence police officer against a finding of gross misconduct