Notable cases


Jan-v-Regina - Appellant’s request to represent him in relation to a campaign of harassment, including firebombing of a home: described in some newspapers as one of the most dangerous men in the UK



R v Woolcott & Ors - Defence of £7million carbon credit and diamond fraud. Leading Annie Johnston.

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R v Roberts - Successful defence of the alleged ‘frontman’ for a series of frauds and related money laundering activities over 6 years upon UK and foreign individuals and companies totalling over $40m.

Advised northern football club in dispute with FA re suitability of their ground and their related administrative demotion in relation to allegations of financial impropriety.

Hannan -v-DTI - Defence – Company Directors Disqualification Act


R v Huntley & Carr (Soham murders) – successful prosecution for murder and assisting an offender

R v Hill (Shoreham Aircrash) - Successful defence of pilot accused of gross negligence manslaughter of 11 members of the public – exposed serious failings in the original investigation conducted by the AAIB together with shortcomings in the medical data base and knowledge relating to cognitive impairment in pilots. Leading Stephen Spence.

R v  Innes (Cheekie Rafiki) - Successful defence of yacht manager accused of gross negligence manslaughter of 4 crewmen – exposed serious failings in the regulation of the yachting industry and its failure to give statutory force to important regulatory clauses

R v Taylor - Advised on and convicted D following a “cold-case review” of a series of historical rapes against several women, culminating in a murder between 1974-1979. Largest case investigated by Cambridgeshire constabulary since the Soham murders.

R v Stretch -  Dennehy, Layton & Moore - Defence of duress of murderer’s accomplice who buried the bodies of her victims; involved psychiatric conclusion that the murderer was a psychopath.

R v Crompton - One of the first successful defences of “loss of control” (the partial defence replacement to provocation) to murder of wife with hammer blows to head

R v Billingham - Prosecution of father murdering eight year old daughter and attacking wife – elements of narcissism and psychological control

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Regina v Chandler, Clarke & Stewart - Torture and murder of teenager in scenes copied from a horror film: described by Norfolk Police as ‘the worst case that Norfolk police have had to deal with’.


R v X - Successful representation of a young mother accused of the murder of her baby


R v Warden & others - Prosecution of the largest drug conspiracy in Cambridgeshire exposed by international covert Police activity)


Sadushi - v - Govt of Albania - VAT TRIBUNAL

Bliss Trading - v - HMRC


HSE v Pepper & others - Advice and mitigation resulted in the penalty restricted to Magistrates’ Court level fine despite death of employee

HSE v  Kings College, Cambridge University - Advised re Issues of asbestosis – kept matter in Magistrates’ Court despite multiple breaches


R v Wang - Successful appellant in House of Lords – Judge wrongly directing conviction – with Andrew Shaw

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