Notable cases

Re: X – (Court of Criminal Appeal, March 2020) - appeal against sentence, representing a man who had been convicted of handling stolen goods and sentenced to 3 years’ custody. Appeal successful, sentence reduced.

R v A - (Isleworth Crown Court, September 2019) – partial acquittal following a 4-day domestic burglary trial. The defendant was stopped nearby the location of the burglary with his co-defendant, who was in possession of a number of the items stolen. He was acquitted of burglary and convicted instead of handling stolen goods.

R v W - (Medway Magistrates’ Court, July 2019) – a 17-year-old client pleaded guilty to his second PWITS Class A offence. Youth Offending Services produced an unfavourable report, recommending immediate custody. Kassia mitigated on his behalf and persuaded the bench to impose a 2-year Youth Rehabilitation Order.

R v P - (Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, April 2019) – secured an acquittal after trial for a ‘road rage’ assault.

R v O - (King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court, April 2019) – secured an acquittal after trial for driving whilst using a mobile phone.

R v McL - (Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court, April 2019) – represented a defendant charged with assault by beating and harassment of her ex-partner. The assault was witnessed by a neighbour and the harassment evidenced by text messages. The defendant was acquitted after trial.

R v D - (Isleworth Crown Court, March 2019) – the defendant absconded to Scotland for several weeks and a bench warrant was issued. Bail was refused in the magistrates’ court. Kassia made a further bail application in the Crown Court, which was granted.

R v C - (Ipswich Magistrates’ Court, March 2019) – Kassia represented a vulnerable defendant who suffered from autism, ADHD and Tourette’s. The charge was sexual assault, but following lengthy discussions between counsel, the CPS agreed to reduce the charge to assault by beating, to which the defendant pleaded guilty and received a financial penalty.