Serious Violent Offences

Matthew has appeared in a number of serious high profile cases.

R v Knight & others an allegation of conspiracy to Murder involving 4 defendants planning to kill the victim in revenge for an unpaid debt. The defendant was acquitted.

R v Johnston & others an allegation involving a "cut-throat" defence against two brothers all charged with murder. Mr Johnston was acquitted.

R v H & Another. The defendant and another were accused of a conspiracy to do G.B.H. The allegation related to two attacks during the course of a week on the victim and his family in their home. The allegation involved the use of firearms and boiling water. The defendant was acquitted.

R v A & Others the defendant was a youth charged with adults all jointly charged with a conspiracy to commit GBH. They were found to have forced their way into the victims house and attacked him using meat cleavers and an axe.

R v W & another The defendant was tried with possession of a firearm and use of a firearm in the course of a drug deal. The defendant was acquitted the co-defendant was convicted.

R v M The defendant was charged and acquitted of attempting to stab an undercover police officer in the chest.

Sexual Offences and Child Cruelty

Matthew has extensive experience defending allegations concerning sexual offences. He is adept at dealing with 3rd party material sought from local authorities, medical practitioner and other agencies. The handling of complex medical issues both physical and psychiatric in relation to both complainants and defendants. Matthew also has experience in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants, the increasingly complex law relating to issues such as Section 41 applications, the use of intermediaries, special measures, contamination, and bad character.

R v W The defendant was accused of breaking into his ex-partners flat holding her there against her will and raping her on a number of occasions at knife-point. The defendant was acquitted.

R v A The defendant was accused of drugging his victim when they were in her caravan. He was then alleged to have tied her up when she was unconscious and imprisoned her over a period of hours raping her on a number of occasions. The defendant was acquitted.

R v C The defendant was accused of sexually abusing his stepdaughter over a number of years from the ages of 11 to 15. He was said to have raped her repeatedly in the family home and in the family car. These were historic allegations the complainant being 18 at the time of trial. The defendant was acquitted after a retrial.

R v I & N. The defendant was accused of along with her partner of inflicting multiple fractures on her 18-month-old son. Ms N was acquitted of cruelty but convicted of neglect.

R v R & R. The defendant was the mother of a now teenage child accused of allowing her partner to sexually abuse her son whilst the abuser was on life licence for murder. She was convicted of neglect but cleared of all other matters.

R v M The defendant a married man with 2 young children was accused of sexually abusing a 14 year old boy with autism and learning difficulties. The case required expert cross examination of the complainant and close scrutiny of medical and social service records. The defendant was acquitted of all charges.

R.V P The defendant was a 14 year old boy accused of a number of rapes and sexual assaults on a 9 year old girl. The matter was heard in the youth court by a district judge. After a week long trial the defendant was acquitted of all matters.

R v C the defendant was accused of shaking his child causing non accidental head injuries. The case required advising and conferences with experts, and detailed cross-examination of the prosecution experts.

Drugs/Smuggling Offences

Matthew has extensive experience of representing defendants accused of involvement in high value drug importation and supply. Matthew’s experience also includes dealing with cases of defendants accused of trafficking people and other types of contraband into the jurisdiction.

R v Rodriquez & Others. The alleged ring leader of a multi kilo importation and distribution of Cocaine.

R v Strazdiate & Others. This matter alleged a conspiracy to traffic women from eastern Europe in to the country for the purposes of prostitution.

R v De Castro. The defendant was acquitted of an allegation of setting up a company and importing a large amount of cocaine smuggled into the country contained in ornaments imported from Brazil. The drugs were stored in a warehouse and he was arrested as he loaded them into a hired vehicle.

R v Guerra. The defendant was accused of acting in concert with her husband to take possession of large quantities of cocaine and warehouse them with a view to onward supply.

R v Esqulant & Others. The first defendant was accused of being the financier involved in the purchase of 1/3 ton of Cocaine valued at £80million for onward supply.

Fraud and Money Laundering

Matthew has a broad field of experience in respect of financial crime. He is regularly instructed in cases concerning matters of Fraud and Money Laundering. He has acted for defendant accused with a number of different types of fraud and corrupt business practice.

R v G This is a current matter involving the alleged laundering of ¾ million in cash seized in transit said to be the proceeds of drug trafficking carried out by organised criminals in the North West of England.

R v Barnes & Others. The defendant was accused of being the ringleader in a large-scale confidence fraud carried out on multiple victims over a number of years. The defendant was further alleged to have laundered the proceeds of these frauds through a large number of bank accounts in both his and others names.

R v Johnston & Others. Advised the defendant in respect of a large-scale "boiler room" fraud that defrauded investors of over £2 million. The defendant was responsible for setting up companies and bank accounts through which the monies could be laundered.

R v Gamble & Others. This allegation of conspiracy to defraud involved a large-scale diversion fraud whereby high value goods being sold through bogus companies.

R v Walker & Others. A multi-handed conspiracy to launder the proceeds of drug supply, carousel fraud, mortgage fraud and extortion.