Notable Cases

Family and Civil

March 2020: JJ -v- KM: Final hearing in private children proceedings where Mousumi represented the Applicant Father and successfully obtained both direct and overnight contact for him with his children in a case involving multiple allegations of domestic violence, neglect and issues of deportation.

March 2020: OKAO -v- SC: Set Aside Default Judgement Hearing where Mousumi represented the landlord against a lettings agency and successfully managed to get the default judgement set aside by drawing to the Judge’s attention the contractual terms agreed between the parties and how there had been no breach in termination of the contract.

Dec 2019: AZWP -v- DP: FDR where Mousumi represented the Respondent Wife in a case involving assets both in the UK and Portugal and the Applicant Husband had not complied with court directions. Costs were made against the Applicant Husband as a result of his conduct and following Mousumi’s submissions on the matter.

Oct 2019: NP -v- SP: DRA turned final hearing. Mousumi represented the Applicant Father and successfully secured shared overnight and holiday contact for him in relation to his children in a case where Respondent Mother had initially fled to a refuge and made allegations of domestic violence against the Applicant Father which she later retracted.

Sep 2019: RJ -v- SS: Final hearing in a matrimonial finance matter. Mousumi represented the Respondent Husband. Matter settled by consent before the hearing took place.

Aug 2019: SS -v- VS: Non-Molestation final hearing where Mousumi represented the Respondent Husband. The Judge found all of the Applicant Wife’s allegations unfounded and terminated the Non-Molestation order.


Feb 2020: IB -v- SSHD: Mousumi represented the Appellant in hearings at the First-tier Tribunal (there were multiple hearings in this case due to its complexity). The matter concerned a child settlement visa where the Appellant’s parent had been granted entry clearance but she had not been due to the ECO not accepting that ‘sole responsibility’ by the parent had been proved despite the evidence provided. At the last hearing in this matter, the Judge hearing the case allowed the appeal in open court.

Jan 2020: OOO -v- SSHD: This appeal related to the Article 8 family life of an Appellant who was the step-father to a British Citizen child and whether insurmountable obstacles existed in the Appellant’s relationship with his partner continuing if they had to leave the UK. The appeal was allowed in open court.

Nov 2019: PC -v- SSHD: Appeal relating to Article 8 private life for an Appellant who had resided in the UK for nearly 20 years and would face significant obstacles on return to his country of origin. Appeal was allowed.

Oct 2019: AJB -v- SSHD: Human rights appeal concerning an Appellant who had entered the UK on a spouse visa following which there were allegations of domestic violence made. The couple later resumed their relationship and sought to re-instate the Appellant’s leave to remain in the UK. Mousumi successfully argued for this to be allowed on the 10-year route rather than the Appellant leaving the UK and applying from overseas as the SSHD suggested.

Aug 2019: AOE -v- SSHD: Judicial review permission hearing where Mousumi represented the Appellant and obtained permission for her.

Aug 2019: DS -v- SSHD: Error of law hearing at the Upper Tribunal where permission was granted to the Appellant and the matter remitted to the First-tier Tribunal for a new hearing.

June 2019: ANO -v- SSHD: Asylum appeal concerning an Appellant who could not return to her country of origin as she belonged to a PSG and had a personal fear of her ex-partner. Successfully argued that internal relocation and sufficiency of protection not available to the Appellant who came from a small island where majority of inhabitants either knew each other or could be traced easily.

May 2019: SS -v-SSHD: Error of law hearing at the Upper Tribunal where permission was granted in an EEA national case concerning the validity of a proxy marriage.