Notable Cases

R v DW – Oxford CC – Defendant found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. The case involved the killing of the defendant’s mother and extensive psychiatric evidence.

R v AM – Newport CC – Successful application to dismiss for murder and GBH counts against the defendant. This case involved numerous defendants and alleged organised crime related to a cannabis factory.

R v JB – Wood Green CC – Successful Section 78, PACE argument on the first day of a robbery trial to exclude the ID evidence in the case. The crown subsequently offered no evidence.

R v LL - Blackfriars CC - Defendant acquitted of threatening his partner with a knife and assaulting her. Case involved analysis of social services records.

R v DF - Oxford CC - Defendant acquitted of affray having been said to have threatened a police officer with a knife. Extensive examination of police body worn footage in the case.

R v SC - Oxford CC - Successful defence of a man accused of section 20 GBH, following a fight on a building site, who claimed he was simply defending himself.

R v JC - Snaresbrook CC - Successful defence of a woman in a case which involved six defendants. The case focussed on two groups who were alleged to have conspired to supply Class A drugs. Allegations were made that the lay client transferred thousands of pounds which were alleged to be proceeds of the drug trade. The trial included police surveillance, forensics and over 60,000 pages of telephone evidence. The jury deliberated for two days before returning a unanimous not guilty verdict.

R v RO - Oxford CC - Successful defence of a man with learning difficulties charged with 15 counts of rape and serious sexual offences. Jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts on all counts.

R v KC - Oxford CC - Autistic defendant acquitted of one count of sexual assault against a co-worker. Intermediary used to assist the defendant.

R v AR - Harrow CC - Represented a defendant in a Section 18 GBH trial.

R v OJ - Oxford CC - Defendant acquitted of one count of possession of an offensive weapon after a fight in the street.

R v WK - Blackfriars CC - Case dismissed regarding an alleged offence of violent disorder.

R v MW - Blackfriars CC - Defendant acquitted on one count of affray.

R v ML - Oxford CC - Defendant acquitted on two counts of fraud relating to alleged cloned emails and associated bank transactions.

R v SG - Lincoln CC - Defendant acquitted on two counts of sexual assault and indecent exposure. Numerous Section 41, YJCE Act issues involved in the case.

R v LE - Oxford CC - Defendant acquitted on two counts of possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

R v NT - Central CC - Represented a defendant, in a trial regarding one count of racially aggravated assault, who suffered from severe mental health issues.

R v RM – Oxford CC - Case dismissed against a defendant charged with one count of sexual activity with a minor.