Gun Crime / Firearms Law

R v McNeish – Multi-handed case involving a police led investigation into the criminal acquisition and distribution of firearms. (Croydon Crown Court)

R v Jermaine Anaman - Gang related firearms and drugs case, where defendant accidentally shot himself in the leg and tried to blame others. The case was notable as an improper approach was made to a juror by one of the senior investigating officers, causing the first trial to collapse. (Wood Green Crown Court)

R v Mike Wells - Successful case challenging the amendment to the Firearms Act, representing a Firearms Dealer alleged to have transferred a pistol to a gun club. It was a "test" case brought by the Met Police but closely watched by the Home Office and ACPO’s Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG), defining the difference between a pistol and a rifle. (Kingston Crown Court). AC Whiting (chair, ACPO FELWG) has now published guidance to all Firearms Licensing Managers as a result.

Murder / Manslaughter / Violence / Sexual offences

R v Campbell & Burrows - Multi-handed murder trial, featured in a television documentary on the criminal justice system (Central Criminal Court).

R v Mohammed - Multi-handed knife fight between rival Muslim gangs resulting in death and serious injuries (Snaresbrook Crown Court). 

R v Taylor - Multi-complainant historical rape trial, (Leicester Crown Court) R v King - Multi handed family incest case (Maidstone Crown Court)


R v Bakari - Multi-handed conspiracy to import over 20 tons of cannabis (Newcastle Crown Court). 

R v Yildrim - Multi-handed conspiracy to supply heroin from London to the North of England, (Liverpool Crown Court). 

R v Kermani – Multi Handed wheel conspiracy to supply large quantities drugs, linked to a notorious local murder in which one the defendants had obtained an unexpected acquittal, causing the police to redouble their efforts to break a far reaching criminal enterprises. (Sheffield Crown Court)


R v Rooney – Gypsy traveller accused of keeping foreign workers in slavery and servitude. This was only the second trial under the new legislation in England. (Aylesbury Crown Court)

Fraud / Confiscation

R v Shirley - High value confiscation proceedings, following on from large scale drug importations involving corrupt police officers (Southwark Crown Court).

R v Ward - Large scale mortgage fraud, involving dishonest solicitors and estate agents (Sheffield Crown Court)

Dispute Resolution

Representing psychotherapists regarding professional complaints to the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and regarding other complaints and disputes with other clinics and professional bodies, obtaining satisfactory outcomes without the need to progress to full formal hearings.