Notable Cases

R v Goodman - Court of Appeal

Appeal against conviction by defendant alleging that her solicitor has conspired with her husband to suppress her true evidence.

Chahal v DWP - Administrative Court 2010 [EWHC 439]

Ruling confirming that forgetfulness combined with evidence of previous lawful use may amount to a defence of reasonable excuse when carrying a blade or knife.

R v Beyioku, Nzoghe & Morille - Snaresbrook Crown Court

Multi-million pound insider frauds by civil servants falsifying benefit claims resulting in 6 year sentences.

R v Shaban Hida - Lewes Crown Court

Professionally organised bulk importation of cocaine.

R v Futoshi Mori - Ipswich Crown Court

Unusual importation of heroin disguised as high value jewellery by Japanese national.

R v Attard & Wood - St Albans Crown Court

Large scale benefit fraud filmed by BBC TV "On the fiddle".

R v Bernard - Croydon Crown Court

Organised insider fraud of a major building society.

R v Martin, Taylor & Arnold - Peterborough Crown Court

Organised large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

R v Garford & Burger - Croydon Crown Court

Conspiracy to defraud American parent firm by directors of UK subsidiary.

R v Aves - Ipswich Crown Court

Confidence fraud of UK and overseas farmers trading in high value agricultural machinery.

R v Fang & Wong - Wood Green Crown Court

Industrial scale DVD counterfeiting operation.