Aviation law CV

Aviation related experience Glider pilot, soloing at age 16. RAF trained pilot. Qualified Skydiver. Private Pilot’s licence held since 1982. I have flown some 40 different aircraft types ranging from a Druine Turbulent through to the BAe Hawk. I am particularly experienced on vintage aircraft (Tiger Moth, Stampe, and Stearman types) and currently fly a 1942 L4 and Cherokee 6 (PA32-300). Tug pilot and aerobatic pilot. Have flown a number of rotary types and have handling experience ranging from the Schweizer 300 to a Puma. Aircraft owned: C150, Robin 100-210, Pitts Special, Piper L4. Aviation Law I have acted for the defence in a number of cases involving CAA prosecutions. Clients have ranged from private pilots to ATPL holders accused of a variety of offences from paperwork issues through to Reckless Endangerment. I have acted for airlines and other commercial operators defending in CAA prosecutions. I have successfully defended in prosecutions following aircraft accidents including manslaughter allegations arising out of alleged negligent maintenance. Aviation bodies that have sought advice from me include BALPA, the British Parachute Association, GAPAN, the BMAA and the LAA. I am frequently involved in advising from the outset of CAA investigations. In a number of instances (involving both pilots and commercial operators) early advice and the drafting of responses to the CAA has resulted in no further action being taken or warnings/cautions being issued rather than prosecution. I have a good rapport with members of the CAA legal department and have been able to directly negotiate with them to obtain mutually satisfactory outcomes. I am instructed in personal injury claims arising out of aircraft accidents and parachuting incidents. I have a close working relationship with a number of aeronautical-engineering experts and accident investigators in the UK, Europe and the US. I have advised upon and drafted aircraft ownership and leasing agreements and aircraft operating agreements for types ranging from light aircraft through to multi-million pound business jets. I have written for Pilot Magazine on Aviation Law related matters.