Vaneeta Sharma


Vaneeta has built a strong criminal practice and regularly appears in Crown, Magistrates and Youth Courts nationally.

Vaneeta is acknowledged for her attention to detail, cross-examination skills and her ability to quickly advise on legal issues. She is recognised for her effective and thorough preparation and strategy for trial. Where there is a guilty plea, she is noted for her skilful mitigation in assessing cases in totality in order to achieve non-custodial sentences where possible.

Vaneeta has a busy criminal practice and is regularly instructed on matters ranging from motoring offences,  dangerous dogs,  possession and supply of drugs, violent offences, theft and sexual offences. She has been recognised for her approach in cases of particular sensitivity and her ability to handle matters involving vulnerable clients and witnesses. Vaneeta has worked with the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Conduct Authority on complex money laundering, fraud and bribery cases.

Vaneeta is also Direct Access qualified.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Vaneeta benefits from a wide experience working in leading solicitors’ practices in London. She had particular responsibility for managing complex and serious cases including fraud and violence. Vaneeta has combined her work in law with her support for ethnic minority communities for over a decade. She provides legal support to her local area of West London and has held leading roles within the Society of Asian Lawyers, the Association of Women Barristers and the International Bar Association


Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu.

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Associations and memberships

  • Society of Asian Lawyers
  • International Bar Association
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of Women Barristers

Notable cases

R v AF & Others - Isleworth Crown Court - Attempt murder and s18 GBH.

Instructed as a junior in an attempt murder case involving five others. Represented the Defendant who was alleged to have planned with co-defendants to murder members of a rival gang. This case involved issue of joint enterprise.Secured an acquittal after an eight-week trial. Led by Jemima Ivens of Charterhouse Chambers.

R v MZ and Other - Croydon Crown Court - Arson with intent to endanger life & attempt theft

The Defendant was charged with setting alight to a Nationwide ATM causing an explosion and damage amounting to £55,000.00.  The Defendant made admissions as to a lead role and was within the highest sentence category with the maximum sentence of eight years. Following successful legal argument, the charge was reduced to simple arson.  After mitigation, defendant received 36 months concurrently with no other orders.

R v AA - Central Criminal Court - ABH x 3

Defendant was charged with ABH against his partner and two others. The Defendant was acquitted on all 3 counts.

R v ND& Other - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Cruelty to a person under 16 years

ND was charged with a number of serious assaults involving the use of a weapon towardher 15-year-old daughter over a 2-year period.  Successful result of a 2 years suspended sentence with no further orders.

R v BC - Wood Green Crown Court - Racially aggravated intention harassment, alarm, distress

The Defendant was charged with making a number of racial and offensive slurs.  The jury returned a not guilty verdict and BC was acquitted.

R v HA and MS - Maidstone Crown Court - Assisting unlawful immigration to a member state

Border Force Officers at Dover stopped the Defendant when returning to the UK from France. Boarder force found two males concealed in the foot well of a purpose built hide in the Defendant's vehicle. After successful submissions, the crown discontinued all charges against the Defendant.

R v TB and others - Chester Crown Court - Conspiracy to Supply a Psychoactive Substance

Acted for TB in a two week trial. TB was charged with four others with supplying Nitrous Oxideat Creamfields Festival.

R v GK - Blackfriars Crown Court - Burglary

The Defendant was charged with  entering Hotel Russell and stealing both property and money belonging to a hotel resident. Successfully argued against the charge being a Burglary of  Dwelling. The Defendant pleaded guilty. The Defendant had 34 previous burglary offences. Successful sentence of a 12 month suspended sentence with a drug rehabilitation requirement.

R v MP and Others - Wolverhampton Crown Court - Robbery & Witness Intimidation

The Defendant was charged with robbing a motorbike and threatening the crown witness in order to pervert and interfere with the investigation.

R v OS - Cambridge Crown Court - Possession of a knife & Threatening a person with a knife

The Defendant threatened a fellow university student with a knife. Defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence.

R v MS - Snaresbrook Crown Court - Burglary

The Defendant was charged with Burglary from Belle Vita in Hackney. He stole both property and the takings from the restaurant till. The Defendant was already on a suspended sentence for a similar offenceand had a previous record of 42 burglaries. He pleaded guilty. Successful result in that the Defendant's suspended sentence was not activated and he received a further suspended sentence.

R v MK - Uxbridge Magistrates Court - S4 Public Order

This case involved the Defendant's  behaviour toward the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the delegation whilst in Heathrow Airport. The Prosecution witnesses had attended from Iraq for trial. The incident was captured on CCTV. After a full day trial and careful cross examination focused on the translation and interpretation of the words allegedly said, the Defendant was acquitted and a defence cost order successfully granted.

R v DE - Romford Magistrates Court - Handling stolen goods & Use of a motor vehicle without insurance

The issue in the case was of identification and recognition of the Defendant by an officer. After trial and skillful cross examination of the police officer, the Defendant was found not guilty.

R v SN - Stratford Magistrates Court -Possession of false identification documents x 2

The Defendant was charged with possessing false UK residence permits. The Defendant was acquitted after a half time submission.

R v LH - Croydon Magistrates Court -Harassment, breach of a restraining order x 3

This case involved the offence of harassment by the Defendant against three separate prosecution witnesses, two of which were children over a period of three months. Due to vulnerable witnesses, skilled cross-examination was implemented. After trial the Defendant was acquitted on all charges.

R v AH - Ealing Magistrates Court - Use of a handheld mobile phone while driving

The defendant was charged with use of his mobile telephone in his hand whilst driving. The Prosecution case rested on the evidence of a Police Officer who witnessed the defendant using his mobile phone whilst driving. Legal argument in relation to the interpretation of interactive communication was argued in court resulting in the defendant being acquitted and a Defence Cost Order granted.

R v MR - Wellingborough Magistrates Court - Failure to provide specimen of breath

This case involved the Defendant'sfailure to provide a specimen of breath at the police station after a significantly high reading at the roadside. The issue in the case included that the Defendant did not understand the procedure due to the Lithuanian interpreter speaking a different dialect. The Defendant was found not guilty and a Defence Cost Order was granted.

R v KB - Stratford Magistrates Court - Failing to stop after an accident

This case involved a road traffic incident where the Defendant had knocked over a cyclist. After legal argument at trial in relation to disclosure of evidence, the Prosecution offered no evidence. A Defence Cost Order was granted.