Notable cases

R v Drewe Norwich Crown Court Successful prosecution of fraud with total over £500,000. Businessman who preyed on vulnerable pensioner persuading her to transfer proceeds from one house sale and title from another property. See below for more information and reports:

  1. Thetford and Brandon Times
  2. Norwich Evening News 24
  3. EDP24

R v Ali & Ors Defence counsel in the case of a significant and widespread “crash for cash” conspiracy whereby staged car accidents formed the basis of a £500,000 fraud on various insurance companies over the course of several years.

R v Cato – Historic sexual abuse of two female and one male family members. Complex legal submissions involving section 41 (previous sexual behaviour of complainant) and the extent to which the court may have regard to delay/abuse of process. Difficult cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses. Issues of cross-admissibility, issues of collusion and contamination of evidence.

R v Turner – Murder. Difficult issues surrounding the admissibility of the bad character of the deceased. Medical/mechanical issues as to whether the weapon used was bent in the process of withdrawal. Calling and cross-examining experts. Client with mental health difficulties resulting serious difficulties in taking instructions.

R v Rush – Murder/manslaughter. Complex mental health issues where the case was proceeded with a number of years after the event as a result of improvement in the defendant’s health. Negotiations with the prosecution involving counsel and psychiatrists resulted in acceptance of plea to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility.

R v Kisby – Dangerous driving. Serious case where the course of driving lasted nearly a whole day but question of non-insane automatism raised due to apparent hypoglyemic episode in long-term diabetic. Case regarded by expert in the area as novel and requiring extensive research into the medico-legal literature and lengthy conferences with expert.

R v Howarth – Defending principal of Midlands-based gang conspiring to supply cocaine in that area, sourced at point of importation and distributed in multi-kilo consignments. Paper heavy case where detailed analysis required of telephone, cell-site, ANPR and surveillance evidence essential.