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Drystone Chambers to speak at the CTSI Annual Conference in June

24 May 2023

Drystone Chambers is delighted to be speaking at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute's Annual Conference which commences on 20th June in Birmingham.  Andrew Price will deliver…

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The importance of 'Defence Statements' – Chambers’ pupil secures acquittal!

17 May 2023

Drystone Chambers pupil barrister, Lidia Iancu, secures acquittal for her client in respect of an allegation of stalking involving fear of violence.  The complainant provided evidence of calls,…

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Robert Bryan & Helen Easterbrook act in ‘landmark court case’ concerning the Modern Slavery Act

15 May 2023

In a ‘landmark court case’ Robert Bryan and Helen Easterbrook defended a carer who was prosecuted for keeping his client in slavery or servitude contrary to section 1 of the Modern…

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Congratulations to John Farmer who retires today

31 March 2023

Following an illustrious career at the Bar for over 50 years, John Farmer hangs up his wig and gown for the final time today!

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Drystone Chambers pupil Lidia Iancu reviews judgment in Saunders [2022] EWHC 2544 (Admin) concerning magistrates comments in the retiring room

16 March 2023

Our pupil, Lidia Iancu, reviews the judgment in Saunders [2022] EWHC 2544 (Admin) where comments made by the magistrates in the retiring room are subject to the principle of impartiality. …

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Unyime Davies considers Key Changes In Child Marriage Laws in England and Wales

8 March 2023

In celebration of International Women's Day today, Unyime Davies considers what impact the change in the legal age of consent to be married may have and why this may protect young females in…

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What factors are relevant and admissible to establish that driving is dangerous? Claire Howell considers recent Court of Appeal judgment

8 March 2023

Claire Howell considers the recent Court of Appeal decision in R v Holder [2023] EWCA Crim 5 and explains when driving can be established as 'dangerous'. 

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Kenniesha Stephens reviews important Court of Appeal decision

7 March 2023

Kenniesha Stephens considers the recent Court of Appeal decision of The King v Arie Ali highlighting the importance of rehabilitation, delay and the high prison population to sentencing…

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Drystone Chambers provides CPS pupil with month-long Secondment

6 March 2023

Drystone Chambers offered a CPS Wessex pupil a Secondment to experience the life of a barrister from another perspective. During their month long time on the Western Circuit, which opened with a trip…

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We are now accepting Mini-Pupillage applications for 2023

1 March 2023

We are excited to confirm that we are now accepting mini-pupillage applications for this year.  Drystone Chambers has barristers practising in London and on the South Eastern, Midland and Western…

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Philip Farr and Giles Fleming secure rape acquittal following 6 week trial at Cambridge CC

16 February 2023

Philip Farr, leading Giles Fleming and instructed by Justine Potter at Credence Law solicitors, this week concluded a complex and sensitive 6 week trial at Cambridge Crown…

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Speedboat skipper found not guilty of manslaughter

14 February 2023

The driver of a speedboat was found not guilty of manslaughter at Winchester Crown Court today, following the tragic death of a young woman in Southampton Water last year.  Karim Khalil KC represented…

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Congratulations and good luck to our pupil, Lidia, who is 'on her feet' today!

7 February 2023

Congratulations and best wishes from the members and staff at Drystone Chambers, to our amazing pupil, Lidia Iancu, who is on her feet today!  Lidia has already proved herself an asset to Chambers…

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Drug driving – miscarriages of justice? Stephen Donnelly reviews recent NPCC Report into Synlab scandal

2 February 2023

Following the long awaited NPCC report in to the Synlab drug-driving analysis investigation, Stephen Donnelly considers what this could mean for the 1,700 affected cases caught up in the scandal. …

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Important Court of Appeal case reviewing the impact of the increase in maximum sentence in dangerous driving cases

26 January 2023

Yesterday in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), Andrew Campbell-Tiech KC successfully resisted the Solicitor-General’s application to increase the sentence passed upon a drunken driver…

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Barrister wins Appeal before the Senior Courts Costs Office

25 January 2023

Here's an interesting 'costs' case about a barrister (not connected to these Chambers) who lodged an Appeal to the High Court concerning the sums allowed to him (his professional fees) by the determining…

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Pupillage application window closes Wednesday 8th February

20 January 2023

We would like to remind all Aspiring Barristers that the Gateway window for Pupillage applications closes on Wednesday 8 February 2023!  

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Successful prosecutions of two separate heavyweight drugs cases result in lengthy sentences

18 January 2023

Two heavyweight drugs cases have recently been successfully concluded by Stephen Mather leading Giles Fleming, prosecuting on behalf of the CPS.

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Pupillage applications for October 2023 and 2024 now open

4 January 2023

Chambers is delighted to confirm that we are now accepting applications for Pupillage to commence in October 2023 and October 2024, via the Pupillage Gateway, which opened this morning. The…

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Murder conviction following brutal attack on friend

22 December 2022

A man was convicted by a jury at Norwich Crown Court of murdering his friend in a ferocious attack at the victim's home by devastating blunt force trauma to his skull. The case, which involved significant…

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Ahmed Muen secures the only acquittal in 7 week people smuggling trial

20 December 2022

Drystone Chambers Ahmed Muen secures the only acquittal in a 7 week people smuggling trial at Birmingham Crown Court.  The case, which was investigated by the National Crime Agency, alleged…

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Allison Summers KC defends a young man charged with rape in which sexsomnia was raised as part of his defence

14 December 2022

Allison Summers KC was instructed by Clive Rees Associates, Swansea to defend a young man charged with rape in which sexsomnia was raised as part of his defence. She worked closely with a sleep expert,…

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Acquittals in “unique” Modern Slavery trial

17 November 2022

Since 2018, Stephen Donnelly (leading Rebecca Penfold) has acted as counsel to the second defendant in a multi-count indictment alleging conspiracy to hold another in servitude, perform…

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Court of Appeal gives further guidance on how to approach the issue of genuine consent

15 November 2022

The Court of Appeal gives further guidance on how to approach the issue of genuine consent. Lord Justice Holroyde, sitting with Mrs Justice May and Mr Justice Goose concluded that it is not necessary…

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Drystone Chambers warmly welcomes Lidia Iancu as our new Pupil

7 November 2022

We are delighted to welcome Lidia Iancu who started her pupillage with us today, 7th November 2022.

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Judge discharges jury on day 62 of the second re-trial of a group of brothers from a Traveller family in Modern Slavery case

13 October 2022

In a case yesterday (12/10/22) in which Drystone Chambers Stephen Donnelly was defending, a Judge at Stafford Crown Court discharged a jury on day 62 of the second re-trial of a group of brothers…

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The Divisional Court has today delivered judgment in the latest custody time limit judicial reviews

28 September 2022

Evaluation by Christopher Jeyes following today's judgment.  The judgment can be read here.  

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Unusual case where a father had been found guilty of murdering his daughter

22 September 2022

In an unusual and sensitive case, where a father had been found guilty of murdering his daughter, Head of Drystone Chambers, Allison Summers KC leading Lynne Shirley successfully argued…

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Chris Jeyes succeeds with judicial review of custody time limit extension in the Crown Court

6 September 2022

Drystone Chambers Chris Jeyes succeeds in his application before the Divisional Court for a judicial review of a custody time limit extension in the Crown Court.  The Judgment in R…

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Kennie Stephens accepts invitation to join Chambers

1 August 2022

The Members of Chambers and staff at Drystone Chambers are delighted to welcome Kennie Stephens as a Member of Chambers following her third-six pupillage here.

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Criminal specialist, Christopher Jeyes, joins Drystone Chambers

18 July 2022

We take great pleasure in welcoming Christopher Jeyes as a Member of Drystone Chambers with effect from today.

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Drystone Chambers Philip Farr successfully prosecutes historical child sex abuse trial

30 June 2022

Drystone Chambers Philip Farr has concluded the prosecution of a 9 day trial at Cambridge Crown Court, securing the conviction of a man charged with multiple child sexual offences against the daughter…

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A statement from Drystone Chambers silks

25 June 2022

A letter from Drystone Chambers silks, published in The Times, Saturday 25th June 2022.

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Philip Farr secures unanimous not guilty verdicts in multiple sexual abuse case

14 June 2022

Following a 5 day trial at Cambridge Crown Court, Philip Farr, instructed by Alison Muir at MCP solicitors, secured unanimous not guilty verdicts for a defendant accused of the multiple sexual abuse of…

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Man jailed for 13 years after Robert Bryan successfully prosecutes rape & sexual assaults case following ‘Victims Right to Review’.

27 May 2022

Steven Oxborrow’s case highlights the interesting and complex factual/legal work that is undertaken by Drystone Chambers. 

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26 May 2022

We had a fabulous attendance yesterday evening at the first in our series of symposiums in collaboration with King's College London to examine topics around the miscarriages of justice. We had…

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Acquittal of defendant accused of part-financing a multi-million pound international cocaine importation

25 May 2022

Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC secures acquittal of a defendant accused of part-financing a multi-million pound international cocaine importation following a trial lasting a month at Guildford Crown Court.

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23 May 2022

A defendant represented by Allison Summers QC and John McNally has been acquitted of murder after the prosecution offered no evidence at a Plea and Case Management Hearing at Leicester…

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'Tenacious defence team' and abuse argument ends trial in county lines drugs case

19 May 2022

Andrew Price's client was acquitted at the close of the Prosecution case when the Crown decided to offer no evidence.

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Successful prosecution for Philip Farr in historcial sexual abuse case

18 May 2022

Drystone Chambers Philip Farr concludes successful prosecution of grandfather for historical sexual abuse. Following a 7-day trial at Derby Crown Court, in which evidence was heard from 3 separate complainants,…

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Robert Bryan client acquitted of charges of rape and sexual assault of his niece

13 May 2022

A man accused or repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting his niece and indecently exposing himself to her sister has been unanimously acquitted on all counts at the end of an 8-day trial at Portsmouth…

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Drystone Chambers Philip Farr secures acquittal of 87 year old defendant accused of historical sexual abuse of granddaughter

5 May 2022

Drystone Chambers Philip Farr secures the acquittal of an 87 year old defendant accused of the historical sexual abuse of his granddaughter.  After 7 days of trial at St Albans Crown Court,…

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Drystone Chambers Karen Walton’s client acquitted of 5 counts of rape

3 May 2022

Drystone Chambers Karen Walton’s client acquitted of 5 counts of rape during 5 year relationship. 

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Retired nurse charged with neglect in Care Home acquitted of multiple allegations

29 April 2022

A retired nurse, who was charged with allegations of neglect as a care provider, alternatively under the Health and Safety at Work Act, was acquitted by a Crown Court Judge today upon the Crown offering…

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Michael Magarian QC gets leading UK drill artist acquitted of attempted murder

25 April 2022

Drystone Chambers Michael Magarian QC secures acquittal of one of the UK’s leading drill artists Mucktar Khan on allegations that he shot musician Midas the Jagoban and her manager at a recording studio…

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Drystone Chambers Andrew Price secures client acquittal in conspiracy to steal and rob trial

12 April 2022

Andrew Price's client was acquitted unanimously by a jury following a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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9 April 2022

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Drystone Chambers Webinar: Investigation, enforcement and prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

8 April 2022

Investigation, enforcement and prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 ("EPA"): up-to-date guidance for local authorities

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Lengthy murder trial finally comes to an end

6 April 2022

Karim Khalil QC leading Karen Walton, Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC leading Kaja Reiff-Musgrove and Allison Summers QC leading John McNally represented three…

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Drystone Chambers Richard Davies secures not guilty verdict in violent disorder case

5 April 2022

Richard Davies secured a not guilty verdict for his client who was charged with violent disorder where he and his brother were alleged to have arranged a ‘meet up’ with another group with both…

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28 March 2022

Drystone Chambers is delighted to announce that Lewis Witt has joined our Practice Management Team with effect from today! Lewis, who worked on the clerking team at Garden Court Chambers, knows the intricacies…

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Joanne Eley successfully prosecutes in £5.9m cocaine conspiracy case

16 March 2022

Drystone Chambers Joanne Eley successfully prosecutes in £5.9m cocaine seizure case with two Essex drug dealers jailed for 30 years after supplying multi-kilo consignments of cocaine to crime…

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Drystone Chambers Robert Bryan secures client acquittal in death by dangerous driving case

4 March 2022

Drystone Chambers Robert Bryan secures acquittal for his client charged with causing death by dangerous driving and causing death whilst unfit through drugs following an 8 day trial at Chelmsford…

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Drystone Chambers Georgia Luscombe secures client acquittal in section 18 and 20 GBH trial

4 March 2022

Terrific outcome obtained today by Drystone Chambers Georgia Luscombe with her client being acquitted of section 18 and 20 GBH. Unanimous verdicts returned by jury in under an hour of deliberating! 

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Drystone Chambers launches the first in a series of talks to criminal solicitors and stakeholders

24 February 2022

Drystone Chambers begins its series of talks this evening taking place in Chambers, which is the first live event to take place in Chambers since Covid so we are delighted to welcome our guests. 

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We seek applications for Third-six pupillage

1 February 2022

We are looking to recruit competent Third Six Pupils with a genuine view to tenancy.

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Georgia Luscombe successful in prosecution of firearms with intent to endanger life case

1 February 2022

Following a 6 week trial at Woolwich Crown Court, Drystone Chambers Georgia Luscombe, led by David Hughes, successfully prosecutes 5 individuals charged with the possession of firearms with intent to…

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Ellie Brooks joins Drystone's Practice Management Team!

24 January 2022

Drystone Chambers is delighted to announce that Ellie Brooks has joined our Practice Management Team with effect from today!  Ellie has several years experience working as a legal secretary at a…

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We are recruiting new tenants

10 January 2022

Drystone Chambers is looking to recruit new tenants and welcomes applications from outstanding practitioners or groups of practitioners of proven excellence at all levels of call and from those who may…

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Jonathan Green gets prosecution to offer no evidence to all charges of arson with intent to danger life

17 December 2021

Following four days of trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Drystone Chambers' Jonathan Green has charges of arson with intent to danger life against his client dismissed at half time resulting…

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Drystone Chambers' Richard Davies secures not guilty verdict by reason of insanity for client charged with mother's murder

15 December 2021

Richard Davies, Led by Mark Graffius QC, secured a not guilty verdict by reason of insanity for his client who was charged with the murder of his mother.

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Successful series of conspiracy to defraud trials concluded by Andrew Price leading Jack Talbot

15 December 2021

This month, Andrew Price and Jack Talbot successfully concluded a Prosecution in which 13 conspirators were convicted for their part in a sham travel agency, when a former accountant,…

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Drystone Chambers pupil Alex East secures acquittal in case involving Clare’s Law

1 December 2021

Drystone Chambers' Pupil barrister Alex East, instructed by SMQ Legal, successfully defended his client charged with sending a false message by public electronic communication network to cause…

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Drystone Chambers’ Lynne Shirley - client acquitted on charges of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault

1 December 2021

Following a seven day trial at Norwich Crown Court, Lynne Shirley’s client, who faced a four count indictment alleging two counts of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, dating back to 2018,…

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Helen Easterbrook considers the ‘Pitfalls when drafting and agreeing SHPO's?’

30 November 2021

I'm not sure what is driving it, but I have recently seen a number of sexual harm prevention orders that include prohibitions on travelling outside England & Wales without first informing the police.…

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Giles Fleming: ‘Consecutive sentences for summary offences can exceed 6 months in limited circumstances’

26 November 2021

There are several interesting points in the recent Court of Appeal judgement in the case of Jex [2021] EWCA Crim 1708. One that may get missed is a re-statement of a little-known rule regarding consecutive…

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Robert Bryan successfully leads Prosecution Team in harrowing sexual assault case

25 November 2021

A particularly harrowing and distressing rape case finally ended at Southampton Crown Court yesterday with the sentencing of the two attackers. The Prosecution Team, led by Drystone Chambers’ Robert…

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New Head of Chambers

23 November 2021

Drystone Chambers is pleased to announce that Allison Summers QC has been elected Head of Chambers and begins her term with immediate effect.

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Shekyena Marcelle-Brown secures arson threat acquittal

17 November 2021

Drystone Chambers' Pupil barrister Shekyena Marcelle-Brown, instructed by Virdee Solicitors, successfully defends her client charged with Threats to destroy or damage property.

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Richard Davies secures dismissal for client charged with murder

12 November 2021

Richard Davies, Led by Stephen Moses QC, secures the dismissal of Murder, Section 18 and Section 20 GBH counts against his client at Newport Crown Court following an application that involved in-depth…

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New Chambers Administrator Appointed

28 October 2021

Drystone Chambers are delighted to welcome our new administrator, Russell Burton-Lawrence, who joined Chambers on the 25th of October.  With over 25 years’ experience working in busy Chambers’…

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Georgia Luscombe wins important appeal for the Care Quality Commission

6 July 2021

Georgia Luscombe successfully acted for the Respondent, the Care Quality Commission, at the First-Tier Tribunal (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber). The appeal concerned their decision to cancel…

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Jonathan Green secures dismissal of all charges against asylum seeker

3 July 2021

Jonathan Green, instructed by Jade Gambrill at Sperrin Law, represented an Iranian asylum seeker who was being prosecuted for facilitating illegal entry to the UK. He was observed by Border Agency officers…

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Drystone Sponsors Row Sentinel

1 May 2021

“Ian’s challenge is not merely one for our times, but for the ages..."

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Matthew Jewell QC

4 April 2021

We regret to announce that Matthew Jewell QC, our colleague and friend, died suddenly last night. He was just 54 years old. The members and staff of Drystone are deeply shocked and saddened by his death.…

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Michael Magarian, QC wins historic legal victory in specially constituted Court of Appeal

30 March 2021

Michael Magarian, leading Catherine Oborne, was instructed by Gavin Rose of Wells Burcombe for the purposes of an appeal on a highly technical point of law relating to the limits of a Crown Court judge's…

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Shekyena Marcelle-Brown wins prestigious CBA prize

24 March 2021

Drystone are delighted to announce that first-six pupil, Shekyena Marcelle-Brown has been awarded a coveted bursary/prize by the Criminal Bar Association. The judges were impressed by her essay on the…

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Hannah Edwards secures rare conditional discharge for a serious ABH

21 March 2021

Hannah Edwards, instructed by ACA Law, secured a conditional discharge for a defendant who had pleaded guilty to ABH and criminal damage at Woolwich Crown Court. The actual bodily harm comprised of a…

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Hannah Edwards secures lightning fast GBH acquittal

25 February 2021

Hannah Edwards, instructed by Evans Hayes Burnell Solicitors, successfully defends her client charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm.

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Jonathan Green wins Manslaughter acquittal

20 January 2021

After a 2 week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Jonathan Green secured a not guilty verdict for a man charged with manslaughter. This was a highly dramatic trial, in which, during cross-examination,…

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Julian Norman appointed as a Family Court Recorder

7 October 2020

Drystone Chambers is delighted to announce that Julian Norman has been appointed as a Family Court Recorder, sitting in Central London.

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Recruiting Tenants

6 July 2020

Drystone Chambers is recruiting - having reduced our overheads and the rent to all our members, we are now investing in our future and are looking for talented barristers who want to work in strong teams…

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Hannah Edwards - COVID 19

4 June 2020

Hannah has written an article for the respected Crimeline legal website on the consequences of breaching bail conditions in light of the restrictions posed by COVID-19.

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Wayne Cleaver reverses terminating ruling in Court of Appeal

24 April 2020

R v A [2020] EWCA Crim 407 - the defendant was indicted with Causing Death by Dangerous Driving having parked her car on the hard shoulder of a motorway where it was struck by another vehicle with fatal…

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Change in working practices

23 March 2020

In these trying times our barristers are determined to honour their professional commitments, but please note that we cannot accept papers via DX or post.

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Zarif Khan gains acquittal for client in ‘Torture’ Murder case.

17 March 2020

Zarif Khan, led by John Ryder QC of 6KBW College Hill, successfully represented JH, a 28-year-old man who was charged with Murder and Manslaughter in a multi-defendant case at Bradford Crown Court. After…

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Allison Summers QC

16 March 2020

Huge congratulations to Allison Summers QC, officially sworn in as Queen's Counsel today. Allison is the first female member of Drystone Chambers to achieve this very well deserved accolade and was chosen…

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Allison Summers to be bearer of the "Lethbridge Gloves"

12 March 2020

Allison Summers will be sworn in as Queen's Counsel on Monday 16th March 2020 and she will be carrying the "Lethbridge gloves". In what has become a tradition at the bar, a new female criminal silk is…

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Kassia Pletscher successful in Court of Appeal

6 March 2020

Kassia Pletscher recently appeared in the Court of Appeal in an appeal against sentence, representing a man who had been convicted of handling stolen goods and sentenced to 3 years’ custody. The value…

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Robert Bryan and Unyime Davies appear in a ‘sophisticated’ BT diversion Fraud

25 February 2020

Robert Bryan and Unyime Davies have represented two defendants from a gang of seven, including the ring-leader, who infiltrated BT customer accounts in a sophisticated conspiracy to commit fraud. The…

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Drystone Chambers appointed to London Borough’s Legal Alliance panel

18 February 2020

Chambers is delighted to announce that following a successful tender we have been appointed to the barristers’ panel of the London Borough's Legal Alliance (LBLA), the membership of which comprises…

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Wayne Cleaver, leading Joanne Eley, secures final convictions in Operation Raptor

17 February 2020

Operation Raptor was the culmination of a large scale under-cover police investigation into ‘county lines’ Class A drug trafficking extending from London to Crewe, Bangor, and Norwich. The supply…

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Adele Akers in CBA essay competition success

11 February 2020

All at Drystone Chambers congratulate pupil barrister Adele Akers on her recent success in the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) competition. Adele entered the CBA essay competition which involved submitting…

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£800,000 Fine in Health & Safety Prosecution

4 February 2020

Richard Heller prosecuted the multi-national logistics giant, Kuehne+Nagel Drinks Logistics Limited (represented by Dominic Kay QC), for a single offence contrary to s.2 of the Health and Safety at Work…

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Charity Golf Day Food-Poisoning Prosecution Concludes

29 January 2020

Instructed by the Environmental Health Service at Brentwood Borough Council, Richard Heller concluded proceedings against Crown Golf Operations Limited for causing a major food-poisoning outbreak at a…

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Beheshteh Engineer on the impact of releasing suspects ‘under investigation’ (RUI)

22 January 2020

In the following article, Beheshteh Engineer discusses the recent surge in suspects being released under investigation by the Police. Following changes to the Policing and Crime Act 2017, police can either…

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Allison Summers appointed Queen’s Counsel

16 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Allison Summers was successful in the 2019 competition and will be appointed in March this year. Allison, called in 2000, is a specialist criminal law advocate currently…

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Lynne Shirley, Ahmed Muen and Vaneeta Sharma join Drystone Chambers

16 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Lynne Shirley, Ahmed Muen and Vaneeta Sharma recently joined Chambers further to our policy of expansion in key practice areas.

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Sharmistha Michaels appointed as Chair for the Police Misconduct Panel Eastern Region

10 January 2020

Sharmistha Michaels was recently appointed to the panel of Legally Qualified Chairs presiding over Police misconduct hearings for the Eastern Region. The Police Misconduct Panel (PMP) undertakes misconduct…

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Wayne Cleaver quoted in new book on People Trafficking

6 January 2020

A new book on the international trade in People Trafficking has been published. ‘The Crossing’ by Wensley Clarkson examines the growing issue of human trafficking across continents and how various…

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Charles Falk & Edward Renvoize successfully prosecute Paedophile following a 'campaign of rape'

24 July 2018

Charles Falk & Edward Renvoize recently concluded a successful prosecution which garnered national press interest. Paul Chisnall was arrested in May 2017 after police received information about the…

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Tax evasion offences – where are we, a year on?

24 July 2018

As part of the numerous reforms introduced by the Criminal Finance Act (CFA) 2017, there were two new offences created; failure to prevent facilitation of domestic tax evasion and failure to prevent foreign…

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30 September 2016

Stephen Spence, instructed by Clyde & Co, leading Eleanor Sanderson of 2 Bedford Row, recently appeared on behalf of retail giant Amazon in a dangerous goods prosecution brought by the Civil Aviation…

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Matthew Jewell QC Memorial Service

4 September 2021

There will be a memorial service for Matthew Jewell QC on Friday 17th September in The Great Hall, Winchester, to which all are invited. Doors will open just before 5pm, with tributes to Matthew’s life…

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