Alison Gurden on European Arrest Warrants in light of Brexit chaos

16 January 2019

In light of recent events, Alison Gurden dissects the draft withdrawal agreement drawn up by the government and what impact this will have upon the protection afforded by current European Arrest Warrant regulation.

Alison Gurden specialises in criminal cases in the UK and overseas, and advises lawyers outside of the UK on the challenges which can be made to a UK arrest warrant. She also advises and assists on repatriation of non UK nationals serving a prison sentence in the UK. Her practice in England and Wales spans all areas of the criminal justice system from criminal defence, to complaints against the police, judicial review of prison governor decisions, and challenges to court orders such sex offender harm prevention orders and football banning orders. She has particular expertise in representing football fans in the criminal courts and has a through knowledge of football policing practice and procedure.

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