Allison Summers to be bearer of the "Lethbridge Gloves"

12 March 2020

Allison Summers will be sworn in as Queen's Counsel on Monday 16th March 2020 and she will be carrying the "Lethbridge gloves". In what has become a tradition at the bar, a new female criminal silk is chosen each year to be the bearer of the gloves. The tiny white gloves are named in honour of the barrister Nemone Lethbridge who was forced to leave the Bar for almost 20 years after her marriage to Jimmy "Ginger" O'Connor, who had been convicted of murder, became publicly known. Lethbridge and her family are still fighting to clear his name. This year Allison Summers, who is the first female silk to be appointed from Drystone Chambers, will be carrying the gloves. The honour passes to her from Narita Bahra, QC, of 2 Hare Court, after Lethbridge picked her name from barrister's wig at an event held at Lincoln's Inn earlier this week.

PF_Allison Summers