Andrew Shaw and Charles Falk appear in 'horrifying' sexual assault case

14 January 2016

Andrew Shaw acted for the male defendant Victor Choker and Charles Falk prosecuted a case at Norwich Crown Court which was described as 'horrifying' by the Judge. The victim, who was in a vulnerable position through drink and prescription drugs, had no idea of the attack until some days afterwards when she saw mobile phone footage of the attack taken by the female defendant Alyisha Newton . The victim accepted an invitation to socialise with both defendants at Choker's home and had passed out on the sofa when, at Newton's suggestion, Choker sexually assaulted the victim whilst Newton filmed the attack. The sickening footage featured a woman giggling in the background. The victim said: 'She [Newton] degraded me. I feel humiliated and degraded by it every day.' For more information and press reports see below:

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