Angela Rafferty QC successfully prosecutes 'gruesome' sexual abuse case

30 September 2015

Angela Rafferty QC and Jamie Sawyer of Red Lion Chambers prosecuted a case of serious child sexual abuse described by the trial judge HHJ Nicholas Coleman as " the most harrowing it has been my misfortune to try.” The case was so serious it attracted huge press interest and was reported upon by all national media outlets. Marie Black was convicted at Norwich Crown Court of 23 charges, including rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael Rogers, from Romford, was found guilty of 14 counts, including cruelty, rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Jason Adams, 44, from Norwich, was convicted of 13 similar counts.Both men were sentenced to 24 years. The case took 3 months to try. Another woman was convicted and imprisoned for Assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a child. The victims were abused at parties and may have been offered in raffles. Norfolk police said it was one of the most complex investigations into child abuse ever conducted by the force. The judge described the detail of the case as “gruesome” and the conduct as "utterly depraved". The jurors in the case have been excused from jury duty for life if they wish. Click on the press links below for further reports on the case.

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