Charles Falk and Claire Matthews appear in child abuse ‘blackmail’ matter

15 February 2018

Charles Falk and Claire Matthews recently appeared in a trial at Cambridge Crown Court described by the investigating Officer as the ‘worst case of physical abuse in a child’ she had seen.

Claire Matthews, prosecuting, stated that the defendant, Deividas Subacius, filmed himself punching the 18-month-old girl in the face causing significant swelling and bruising to her right eye. He then sent the footage to the grandparents by text message and threatened to continue harming the youngster unless they paid him £130. The grandparents immediately called the police and Subacius, from March, Cambridgeshire, was arrested. Police seized Subacius’ phone which contained the video and texts demanding money and threatening to cause further harm.

An examination of the girl showed eight healed fractures, including to her femur, wrist, collarbone and ribs. Judge Gareth Hawksworth extended Subacius's sentence from 13 years to 17 because of the seriousness of the crimes. For more information see press links below:

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