Charles Falk secures acquittal for man accused of assault at House of Commons Bar

19 November 2018

Further to a five day trial at Southwark Crown Court, Charles Falk secured the acquittal of an engineering contractor employed by the House of Commons who was accused of assault. The defendant, Ronald Freeman, had been accused of assaulting Peter Brooksbank, a lawyer who works as deputy counsel to the joint committee on statutory instruments (a group of MPs and peers that scrutinises secondary domestic legislation).

The incident occurred at the House of Commons Sports and Social Bar in December last year, following an alleged altercation about Mr Brooksbanks security lanyard. Charles Falk said it was Mr Brooksbank who had been the aggressor, saying: 'This has nothing to do with a stolen pass - you followed him shouting imbecile and low life because you were angry and after a confrontation. He wanted your pass so he could report you. When he caught up with you, without a word, you turned around and punched him in the right eye. You were the aggressor who attacked this defendant.'

The jury took less than an hour to find Mr Freeman not guilty. For our previous trial report on this matter, click here. For more information on the trial and verdict, see press reports below:

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