Drystone Chambers’ Lynne Shirley - client acquitted on charges of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault

1 December 2021

Following a seven day trial at Norwich Crown Court, Lynne Shirley’s client, who faced a four count indictment alleging two counts of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, dating back to 2018, was acquitted of all four counts by the jury in less than five hours.

The parties, who were known to each other, became acquainted on a night out, which culminated in Lynne Shirley's client agreeing to walk the other party home. It was said that whilst en route, the complainant was raped. An immediate complaint was made to a friend. The matter was swiftly reported to the police.

Careful cross examination of the complainant, other witnesses of fact and expert evidence called by the prosecution (in relation to injuries said to have been sustained during the attack) was required.

There were complicated issues regarding issues of intoxication, consent and reasonable belief in consent.

Lynne was instructed by Charlotte Winchester of Metcalfe Copeman & Pettefar.