Drystone Chambers Special Fund

16 April 2018

Joint heads Karim Khalil QC and Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC recently announced the creation of a special fund designed to assist junior members of Chambers who might suffer financial hardship due to their support of the Criminal Bar Association’s (CBA) stance. The CBA recommended that barristers refuse to accept cases under the new Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) when it came into force on 1st April 2018. According to a recent survey by the General Council of the Bar, more than a third of criminal barristers said they are considering leaving the profession, with the main reason being low income and work-life balance.

A spokesman for the Bar Council said: "The Ministry of Justice budget has been slashed across the board in the last decade. The effects, in every area, are becoming ever clearer: courts and prisons in a deplorable state of repair, leading to unacceptable conditions, litigants struggling to deal with their own cases without legal help in the most trying of circumstances, overloaded courts and judges, increasing delays and judicial morale at rock bottom, to name but a few.”

Karim Khalil QC issued the following statement: “Drystone Chambers strongly supports the CBA action - we have set up a special fund to help any junior members whose finances may suffer. We are delighted that this has the overwhelming support of members of chambers. We hope that others will do the same.”