Sexual Offences Review Seminar

31 August 2017

Drystone Sexual Offences Review Seminar Invite

Karen Walton
Karen Walton looks at the law under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, Criminal Justice Act 1988
and the Protection of Children Act 1978, addressing issues surrounding the use of social media
in prosecution cases and the contradictory sentencing guidelines.

Alison Summers
Allison Summers reviews the use of special measures whilst offering practical advice for police
station representatives and those with conduct of the pre-trial preparation.

Clare Howell
Claire Howell offers an overview analysis and practical tips on how best to deal with situations
involving allegations made by young children of sexual abuse in respect of ‘memory’ and
admissibility arguments.

Azza Brown
In an area that has always been lacking in consistency and clarity, this section will look at the
recent changes to the way in which young people are dealt with in sex cases.