Edward Renvoize & Azza Brown successfully prosecute dangerous driver who killed unborn child

20 October 2017

Edward Renvoize and Azza Brown appeared for the prosecution in a case that attracted national press interest recently due to the nature and severity of offence. The driver, Leroy Margolis, had been trying to overtake a lorry in 'atrocious conditions' at night when he clipped a traffic island and ricocheted into the path of a VW polo driven by Louise Abbot, who was 25 weeks pregnant. The force of the crash seriously injured Mrs Abbot, who was forced to give birth the following day. Her daughter did not recover from her injuries and died just a day after bring born.

During a five-week trial the jury was told how the crash happened at around 7.55pm on October 1, 2016, on an unlit stretch of the Linton Bypass in Cambridgeshire. Margolis, who was travelling in the opposite direction to Mrs Abbott, broke the 50mph speed limit as he sped up to 69mph to overtake the lorry in his mother's Volvo V40. Edward Renvoize described Margolis’ driving as ‘impatient and impetuous’. He said: ‘This was an extremely ill-advised manoeuvre, which would have been obvious to a careful and competent motorist.’

Margolis was jailed for two years after being convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

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