Gavin Irwin hosts discussion series at University of Bonn on alternative legal solutions in disputes regarding ownership of cultural objects

14 March 2016

Gavin Irwin recently hosted a series of discussions at the University of Bonn on alternative ways of deploying the law in determining disputes as to the ownership and restitution of cultural objects. Further to recent publicity surrounding the legal dispute with regards the Parthenon Friezes held by the British Museum ('the Elgin Marbles'), this is a topic of some interest and importance to museum and gallery owners.

The conference was organised by FLOORPLAN - a museum research group and think tank of art historians, ethnographers, anthropologists, legal experts, artists and designers.

FLOORPLAN's goal is to foster exchange between academia and museums, between theory and practice through workshops and conferences with external experts.

For more information on FLOOPLAN and their work, see their website: To hear the conference presented on German Radio, please click here