Graham Blower successfully defends man charged with terrorism offences

7 November 2019

Graham Blower recently appeared at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) on behalf of a man charged with terrorist offences. His client, Abdul Hussain, was accused of possessing IS propaganda and terror documents. Mr Hussain denied two counts of possessing information likely to be useful for terrorist purposes.

During a two week trial (prosecuted by the Counter Terrorism branch of CPS), Mr Hussain was accused of possession of materials likely to assist a terrorist; namely thousands of documents and videos on his computer and many videos depicting beheadings of prisoners by rebels. There were also propaganda files and handbooks on how to construct various explosive devices and to be a 'sleeper' within this country. His defence was that he was carrying out research and so had a 'reasonable excuse' for the possession. Mr Hussein told the court that he had intended to make a documentary about the Islamic State group (IS), the Syrian civil war and extremism. The jury returned not guilty verdicts on all charges. For more information see press reports below.

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