Gregory Perrins & Jacob Edwards successful in migrant exploitation trial

24 March 2016

Gregory Perrins and Jacob Edwards, instructed by CPS Central Case Unit, successfully prosecuted four defendants further to a previous trial in 2014 that had dealt with offences under the Gangmaster licensing rules.

Juris Valujevs, 37, his wife Oksana Valujeva, 35, their friend Lauma Vankova, 27, all of King’s Lynn, and Ivars Mezals, 30, of Wisbech and Reading were convicted of conspiring to acquire money by laundering fraudulent bank and PayPal transfers through migrants’ hijacked bank accounts. Three of the four defendants were also found guilty, further to a re-trial of that previous trial in 2014, with pressuring female workers who had built up debt to them into sham marriages to pay off what they owed. Mezals was acquitted of the charge.

The trial was the result of Operation Endeavour, a joint police and Gangmasters Licensing Authority investigation. For more details in this trial and the previous trial in 2014, see press link below.

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