Jack Talbot prosecutes carer who defrauded her victims of over £100,000

28 March 2019

Jack Talbot recently concluded an eight week trial at St Albans Crown Court regarding Carolyn McClune, a sixty year old carer who defrauded three elderly and vulnerable victims. She was charged with four counts of fraud after the Crown Prosecution Service heard she intended to benefit from more than £126,000 that belonged to the three elderly victims. The crimes were committed between 2013 and 2016 while McClune was employed as a care worker.

Jack Talbot described Carolyn McClune as “devious, deceptive and dishonest” and that she saw the victims as “low hanging fruit, too tempting to resist.” His Honour Judge Stephen Warner described McClune’s offences as ‘cynical’ and ‘mean’ that were motivated by greed. McClune, also known as Carolyn Bouvier, was sentenced to five years and nine months in custody. For more information see press links below:

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