Karim Khalil Qc Concludes ‘Cheeki Rafiki’ Case

14 May 2018

Karim Khalil QC successfully represented Douglas Innes, the director of a yacht management company, in a previous trial where Mr Innes was found not guilty of manslaughter (see here for previous reports on this case) for his involvement in a tragic incident where four sailors lost their lives when their vessel the Cheeki Rafiki, managed by Mr Innes company Stormforce, capsized in strong winds off the US coast in 2014.

Karim Khalil QC also represented Mr Innes at a subsequent sentencing hearing involving Mr Innes and his partner for failing to operate a yacht in a safe manner. Douglas Innes was sentenced to 15 months suspended for 2 years. Stormforce, his company, was fined £50k which the Court acknowledges won’t be paid as it is in liquidation.

In his summary, the Judge agreed with Karim Khalil QC that he could not be sure that any negligence on the part of either Defendant caused the deaths of the 4 men. He agreed that Mr Innes had many fine qualities as attested to by over 80 character witnesses, and that the recommendations of the Jury about the conduct of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency should be taken seriously and pursued.

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