Karim Khalil QC successful in high profile murder prosecution

5 October 2017

Karim Khalil QC concluded a highly publicised murder trial at Birmingham Crown Court earlier this week, further to the defendant pleading guilty on day one of the trial. The nature of the crime ensured blanket media coverage. Aaron Barley, 24, a homeless orphan, had been taken in by 'good samaritans' Tracey and Peter Wilkinson, further to Mrs Wilkinson finding him trying to sleep on the streets. Mr Khalil told the court Barley was a "compulsive liar and manipulator" who was also given a job, accommodation and a mobile phone after Mrs Wilkinson met him outside a supermarket and took him home. Opening the facts of the case, Karim Khalil QC said Barley killed Mrs Wilkinson in her bed and her son in his room - and then attacked her husband as he returned home from walking his pet dog. 

Further to opening case statements, Barley admitted two counts of murder (he had previously pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Mr Wilkinson). He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommended minimum term of thirty years. For more information see links to media reports below:

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