Karim Khalil QC successfully concludes double murder trial

15 March 2017

Following a month long trial, Karim Khalil QC successfully prosecuted a man accused of double murder. Ali Qazimaj, 43, was accused of murdering an elderly couple in a financially motivated attack. Ali Qazimaj, who claimed to be a man called Vital Dapi from Albania, was found guilty of murdering Peter Stuart and his wife Sylvia on June 3rd last year. Police found Mr Stuart’s body, which had been stabbed nine times, partly hidden by a tarpaulin in a ditch in woodland near his home in Mill Lane, Weybread. His wife’s body has never been found.

Qazimaj had lived in Tilbury, Essex, and was a carer to the father-in-law of the Stuarts' daughter, Christy Paxman. During his cross-examination the defendant disputed that DNA taken from him and DNA taken from a man calling himself Ali Qazimaj were the same and said there could be six other people in the world with the same DNA as him. Mr Khalil said the murders were pre-planned, there was no evidence of a struggle, and there was no trace of Mrs Stuart beyond DNA found in the boot of Qazimaj's Citroen car.

Sentencing him to life imprisonment with a minimum term of thirty five years on each count, Judge Jeremy Stuart-Smith said: "These were terrible and exceptional crimes against an elderly couple who had earned the right to spend the rest of their lives in peace and tranquillity."

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