Karim Khalil QC successfully defends 15 year old girl accused of 'vigilante' murder

19 May 2016

Karim Khalil QC, leading Richard Kelly of 18 Red Lion Court Chambers, gained an acquittal for a vulnerable teenager in a case that made national headlines due to the 'vigilante' nature of the crime. The teenager, who cannot be named, was found not guilty of all counts. The girl, 15 at the time of the offence, had lured the victim to a meeting under false pretences mistakenly thinking he was a paedophile. Upon meeting, members of the gang set about beating the victim, culminating in the victim being knifed at least six times. The case involved complex joint enterprise issues, with the recent Supreme Court decision of Jogee being referred to as being relevant to the teenage defendant and other members of the gang. It was argued that further to that decision, the jury should acquit plainly on the basis that the stabbing was an "overwhelming and supervening act” for which none of the other accused were responsible, other than the defendant who actually administered the fatal blows. Chris Carroll, the twenty year old boyfriend of the teenage defendant, was found guilty of murdering the victim, Darren Kelly, with a hunting knife. Carroll was sentenced to twenty one years. For more information please see press links below: 

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