Lydia Waine co-authors May on Criminal Evidence

25 January 2016

Associate member Lydia Waine recently co-authored one of the go-to legal reference books on Criminal evidence. Lydia, along with Stephen Powles & Radmila May, produced the sixth edition of 'May on Criminal Evidence', published on 31st December 2015 by Sweet & Maxwell. The book covers recent developments in the following areas:

• The meaning and classification of evidence; best evidence; admissibility and relevance; real evidence; documents.

• The burden and standard of proof.

• Exclusionary rules and exceptions: evidence of opinion; character; hearsay including confessions.

• Exclusion through discretion; privilege; public interest; Convention rights.

• Identification; corroboration; suspect evidence.

• Rules connected with the trial: functions of judge, jury, justices; competence and compellability of witnesses; disclosure; course of evidence; previous consistent statements; examination of witnesses.

See this link to the Sweet & Maxwell website for more information.