Man jailed for 13 years after Robert Bryan successfully prosecutes rape & sexual assaults case following ‘Victims Right to Review’

27 May 2022

Steven Oxborrow’s case highlights the interesting and complex factual/legal work that is undertaken by Drystone Chambers. 

Robert Bryan was selected by Wessex CPS RASSO Unit to prosecute this challenging case. In 2012 Mr Oxborrow was charged with the sexual assault and rape of one young child, sexual assaults of another and the possession of many thousands of indecent images. At that time he was found unfit to stand trial due to his psychiatric condition. The CPS prosecuted him in relation to the first victim (rape) and a Jury found he had done the act. Given the finding a Judge imposed a Hospital Order with Restriction under s41 of the Mental Health Act. The other two prosecutions were ordered to lie on the file. In late 2018 a Mental Health Tribunal concluded he was not unfit, released him from Hospital and referred his case back to the CPS for the consideration of a renewed prosecution. At that time the CPS declined.

Following a Victims Right to Review a new prosecution was brought in relation to the rape victim. Robert was instructed to prosecute this 2022 trial, to apply to resurrect the previous two cases that had been left to lie on the file and in relation to sexual activity with another young complainant. Having successfully argued to bring everything together Steven Oxborrow was convicted after a 3-week trial in April and was sentenced on 26th May at Southampton Crown Court.

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