Pupillage Vacancies

6 December 2018

Drystone Chambers seek three pupils to commence in September 2020. Chambers offer an award of £20,000 per pupil for 12 months. All applications through the pupillage gateway, see here for a link to the application page.

Why Drystone Chambers?

Our focus is on providing fearless top quality advocacy to our clients. To continue doing so we think it imperative that we invest in our pupils and their professional development.

We offer a challenging but supportive environment designed to develop a pupil into a tenant and a high proportion of our pupils become tenants.

What to expect?

We will allocate you a pupil supervisor in advance of your start date. Throughout your pupillage your pupil supervisor will ensure you receive the support and guidance you need, in addition to members of the pupillage committee who will also support you in pupillage matters or to discuss confidentially any personal matters.

During the first six months of your pupillage you will closely follow your pupillage supervisor, and assist them in research for producing opinions, advices and conferences or seminars. You will accompany them to Court and sit in on client meetings and conferences.

Chambers also runs an in-house training programme aimed at improving both advocacy and research skills.

As a second-six pupil you will be encouraged to appear in Court as often as possible. This is likely to be mainly criminal work but we enjoy a varied caseload, and you will be exposed to more than one area of practise in this period. Typically second-six pupils are in Court every day, so you will soon hone your time management and advocacy skills. You will be exposed to challenging work and a busy case load, which will enable you to develop the skills you need.

If there is an area of practise that you feel more suited to than another, your pupil supervisor will be able to identify and address it in your regular reviews, and where possible put a plan in place to accommodate your wish to spend time in pursuing your chosen area of practise but you will also be expected (as are junior tenants) to assist the clerks in covering work. Chambers is a very large set which covers a wide geographical area and you will be expected to cover work in all of those areas.