Robert Bryan and Unyime Davies appear in a ‘sophisticated’ BT diversion Fraud

25 February 2020

Robert Bryan and Unyime Davies have represented two defendants from a gang of seven, including the ring-leader, who infiltrated BT customer accounts in a sophisticated conspiracy to commit fraud. The total loss was said to be in excess of £400,000, the evidence running to in excess of 100,000 pages. The Court heard how it was suspected that a BT database was hacked, with the personal details of more than 2,000 people being found in the gang’s possession. The fraud continued between May 2014 and July 2016, when addresses across Portsmouth were raided. The innocent losers personal details were used to place on-line orders, often of high value watches, thereafter a phone and email divert was put in place so that the vendors of the goods thought they were communicating with the purchasers whereas in fact they were communicating with the fraudsters. The items were then delivered to addresses in the City controlled by the group. Emosivwe was the ring-leader whilst Adepoju acted as a handler of the high value items. For more information, see media links below:

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  2. Evening Standard
  3. Portsmouth News

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