Robert Bryan secures conviction of drug dealer who used the ‘Darknet’ and bitcoin payment methods

20 December 2017

Robert Bryan recently secured the conviction of Kurt Lai Lan, a drug dealer who peddled his wares via the ‘Darknet’, sending orders to customers via Royal Mail. It was revealed during the trial that he was selling the drugs using Darknet marketplaces controlled by him, where he would use Bitcoin for payments. Officers intercepted packages of drugs originating from Netherlands which were due to be delivered to Lai Lan. The packages contained over 11,000 tablets of MDMA which had a street value of £80,000. On 6 June 2017 Lailan was arrested at London Gatwick Airport attempting to board a business class flight to Johannesburg, South Africa on a one way ticket. He had six suitcases with him and over £7,000 in cash. He was then arrested, charged and remanded in custody until his trial. Lai Lan had amassed large sums of money and was living a lifestyle which he could not show was legitimate.

Prosecutor Robert Bryan said: ‘The crown say the scale of the sale of ecstasy tablets in this case was serious, the most serious and on a significantly commercial scale.’ Detective Inspector Neil Cripps, from SEROCU’s Investigations team, said: “The case and subsequent sentence sends out a clear signal to those seeking to profit through significant criminality. “No matter how clever or devious you think you might be by utilising encryption, the Darknet market places and cryptocurrency the expertise of the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit and tenacity of our officers will ensure that we will come after you and bring you to justice. See below for press links and further information:

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