Robert Bryan successfully prosecutes harrowing child neglect matter

8 March 2016

Robert Bryan recently acted for the prosecution in a 3-week trial of parents who had allowed their daughters to suffer severe chronic neglect. The children were identified when one of the girls moved to a new school and teaching staff noticed a smell of “rotting meat” or “as if something had died”. She was found to have such an infestation of head lice that her hair was moving - lice were found all over her body and dead lice in her socks and on her feet - and she had iron deficient anaemia. The Consultant Paediatrician described it as the worst case of neglect she had seen in over 30 years of paediatric medicine, and was the worst case of neglect ever seen by other examiners. A foster carer giving evidence during the trial said the girl arrived in her care looking like she ‘had just come out of Belsen.’ For more information see press links below:

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