Sally Hobson & Nicola Devas successfully prosecute abuse case billed as 'every parent's worst nightmare'

14 March 2016

Sally Hobson was trial Counsel and Nicola Devas appeared at sentencing on a case that has been described by ITV news as 'every parent's worst nightmare'. Michael Chase, 52, a security guard and Lara Chase, 46, a pharmacy assistant from Bathurst, Peterborough, began babysitting a girl when she was 13 months old and sexually abused her for almost two years.

The couple took advantage of the baby girl, the daughter of Michael Chase's friend of 25 years, while they were babysitting her at their home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. His wife Lara helped recorded the sick images and sent two of them on her phone using WhatsApp. Police were never able to track down the identity of the recipient.

Sentencing them at Peterborough Crown Court, Judge Sean Enright said: 'This is the worst abuse of a baby I have seen and the pictures are quite appalling and horrific to look at. 

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